Evaluative Essay

Daquan Johnson

Eng 2150

May 12, 2009

Evaluative Essay

Throughout life one learns how to be successful by watching what other people did to become successful. I agree with Jonathan Field’s blog about the limitations that come with modeling oneself after a “successful” person. Modeling a person’s behaviors and responses may be an easy thing to do, but stepping into that model is definitely hard being that a person’s personality is developed through past experiences. I believe that instead of trying to completely model ourselves after successful people, we should see what that person did right and what s/he did wrong and learn from them. This is hard being that there is a fine line between modeling ourselves after someone and emulating them. In Fields blog he poses questions to the readers to make them think about what s/he just read. This style of writing was able to pull me in deeper, and leave me wanting more of his thoughts on the issue of emulators believing they’re actually modeling themselves after someone else.  Another thing I liked about this blog is the way Fields ended the blog. “So, study the greats, but don’t surrender the quest to cultivate your own intelligent processes to often-fabricated half-pieces of the puzzle divined by reverse-engineering someone else’s journey.” This can be considered a quote to live ones life by.






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