Be You, Do What You Do

New York City is a city full of life and millions of people. What is it that sets aside the successful people from the typical New Yorker? It is something so uncomplicated, so apparent, and so diverse at the same time. Everyone on the Earth possesses something that sets them aside from every other human, besides fingerprints and the like. It is what makes us, us. Who we are is defined by this uniqueness. Showing this piece of us, being proud of it, and even flaunting it is a step toward owning that expensive penthouse overlooking Central Park.
When a business is hiring, the main thing they are looking for in prospective employees is what they are going to bring to the office besides an overpriced Starbucks latte. They are looking for something within the prospects resume, personality, style, appearance, and pretty much anything else fathomable that sets them apart from the rest.
No matter how simple it may seem to be who you are, many people have trouble doing it. The problem first arises in elementary school where the last thing children want is to be different. Not fitting in is an enormous fear for kids. They need to have all the hip clothes, the newest Jordans, the most expensive game systems, and the list goes on and on. The thing is we realize eventually, or we don’t, that none of those things even matter. Being who we were made to be is so much easier and more fun.
Being unique can also be taken too far. There is a fine line between being unique and being out of control. Putting eight different colors in your hair is probably not something you want to do if you are looking to become successful. The key to being unique is to not actually thing about doing it. If one just did what they like to do, did things on their terms, wore the clothes they felt comfortable in and stopped trying to be like Bennifer and Brangelina, people would still notice them.
What is the point of trying to be like someone else? It has already been done. What employer will want to hire an employee who is phony? What kind of image will that bring to the company? For sure the company is not trying to use the slogan “Use us, we are no different then the other”. The beauty of being alive is the fact that no two people out of the billions on Earth are the same. It was meant to be that way. The world would be a dreary place if everywhere where we looked we saw the same shirt, haircut, and shoes, or if everyone listened to the same “cool” music.
In today’s society, all that is unique has lost value. There is no more culture in people; they wake up, go to work, go home and repeat. Relativism has become the new black. It is extremely rare that we are able to find people who know the truth of what life is about. Being thankful for who we are and genuinely loving every millisecond of it is exactly the way to become successful anywhere. I will close with a quote that will further emphasize my point that being who we were made to be will bring us success in life although it is not necessarily monetary success. “Simply because you can breathe, does it mean you’re alive?”