An excerpt from “Untitled” (A work in progress)

30 03 2009

While New York is host to many illustrious and grandiose landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Lady Liberty, Madison Square Garden, Times Square, and what used to be the World Trade Center, the pinnacle of fame and history lies in the socioeconomic hub of Herald Square.  Herald Square is home to the world’s largest, and New York’s most quintessential department store known as Macy’s.  Macy’s is the epicenter of culture and history, bringing them together through fashion, design, and many historical events throughout New York such as the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade and 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular.  While there may be many look-a-likes around the country and even the globe, there is only one Macy’s that is the physical representation of the melting pot/salad bowl that is known as quintessential New York.