My New York Hero(s)

24 04 2009
When first given this assignment to write about my New York hero, I left the class with a smile across my face believing that it would be a walk in a park. But as I continued to ponder upon what I would write about, I found the assignment to be more challenging. But after putting much thought into the topic, I have come to an answer. There is no one specific New York hero, but the hero’s of this city are the emergency response efforts such as the EMS, NYPD, and NYFD.

Although this is very clichéd and is considered an established truth, I do believe that these services are taken for granted on a day by day basis. A point that I like to emphasize is that these people are all volunteer workers, in some cases sacrificing themselves to ensure our safety, and protection, and others tending to any calls of distress ensuring that no “man” is left behind.

While there are countless individuals that display characteristics of heroism, I deeply admire the amounts of courage and devotion that these people display while on duty, going above and beyond the call. The actions and sacrifices that these people make both inspire and persuade me to not only be more conscious of myself and my surroundings, but of others. I’m a big believer of doing good deeds, and just taking a glimpse at what these people do as their careers baffles my mind.

All in all, I believe these people deserve much more than what they get in return, but knowing that you make a difference day after day must be the best reward that anyone could receive.