One Stop Movie Paradise

12 05 2009

Ah, the blogging world.  Vast online sites for people to share their views on the latest technologies in today’s world, share their grandmothers recipe for split pea soup, and sometimes the breeding ground for those people who waste their lives hating someone or something with a passion.  The blogging world is grand, spacious, and thriving in today’s modern society.  Being a fellow blogger myself, I set out to find an example of a current, popular blog to get a feel as to what blogging is really all about.  While searching, I based my findings on a simple, five-point criterion to evaluate the practicality and determine what makes a good blog.  Some were extremely repulsive and others quite pathetic, it was hard to find what is considered a “good” blog.  While I myself am brand new to the blogging world, I find it hard to “judge” other blogs, but I happened to come across a blog that not only piqued my attention, but also fit my criteria of being something that is truthful, helpful, is easy to use/navigate, is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and gives the visitor something that they can take away from the experience.

            The Movie Blog, ( is truly the blog of all blogs, at least if you are as much a movie fanatic as I am.  The Movie Blog is a blog devoted to the likes of frequent movie goers by bringing the latest in movie reviews, updates, and info. straight to the viewer.  The design of this site is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, capturing the magic of being in a real theater and brings excitement to the viewer frantically searching for the latest of the next must-see movie.  As factor of the sites design that makes it work so well is most definitely its navigational capabilities.  As soon as a viewer loads the page, the first thing they set their eyes upon is the “Latest Headlines” section which, as it sounds, brings the latest and greatest news on recently released films and upcoming films right to the viewers screen.  The site is built upon a user friendly interface, boasting the ever simple and ever popular search bar were viewers can type what specifically fits their fancy.  As well as this feature, the site accumulates large, section tabs across the upper boarder to help further narrow a viewers search.

            While truthfulness is greatly appreciated by all, it is a hard goal to accomplish in the movie industry and indirectly, the blogs about movies.  This can be due to leakage of misunderstood or just false facts, or due to the over-excited fan trying to vent their eagerness for the next installment of a beloved trilogy.  Will these happenings are common everywhere, The Movie Blog does its best to convey truthfulness and stay true to it viewers, especially in their review section.  While some reviews are good, bad, and occasionally we have the movie that skips the theaters and goes straight to DVD, the admin and poster of The Movie Blog tries to stay true to the public eye.  After all it is a blog about movies by the people, for the people, although I do believe that some reviews should be reworded with a lack of curses to further appeal to a bigger audience and have more people listen to the message that is trying to be sent across. 

            For someone to visit a blog and take something away after their visit I believe is the main purpose of a blog.  Frequent movie goers often visit The Movie Blog so as to obtain useful information to help further their decision as to which movie is worth the whopping $12.50 most theaters now charge for one adult admittance to a feature film.  The Movie Blog not only grants the visitors with the take-away of helpful incites to movies, but further grants the viewer a pleasant time at the theater knowing they had made the right decision as to what movie to attend.  The worst feeling is the one of stepping out of a movie that you pay $12.50 to see, looked so good in the theatrical trailers, but turned out to be worse than your in-laws meatloaf soufflé.

            Upon completion of reviewing the five-point analysis, it is safe to say that The Movie Blog is the place to go for those movie addicts, as well as the occasional movie goer, for you’re one stop movie reviews, info., and updates.