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Skills and Hope: Keys to Success

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New York City is known as the city full of possibilities. The number of doors and opportunities within New York has made it possible to achieve any dream. Yet, opening these doors and gaining these opportunities cannot be achieved without hard work and dedication. Using your social skills to know the right people arises opportunities, especially when getting a job or an internship. Being that New York is a very competitive city, sometimes only having good grades is not enough to move to a higher position. Hope also plays a part in achieving success. Staying strong and hopeful through your failures only makes you work harder. These skills are the keys to your success.

About two months back, about mid-March, I attended a Business luncheon held at Baruch College where I met many professionals. The guest speaker explained us that networking was one of the most important factors in building relationships with professionals, which can help in getting a job in the future. He, himself, got his internships and his job at Deloitte and Touche, one of the biggest accounting firms, through social networking. Social Skills, such as ongoing conversation, follow-up emails and phone calls, and listening to the speakers are at the top of the list to make a good lasting impression. Moreover, social skills let professionals see if you have the type of personality they are looking for. Listening to others talk as well as asking questions and making comments shows that you are a good listener. Keeping in touch through emails or phone calls shows your effort and dedications, which puts you at the top of the candidate list. As I mentioned before, New York City is a very competitive city, especially in the business world, since it is the home of the largest financial district. Knowing the top people and using your skills to show them what type of person you are can open multiple doors that will lead to successful future.

Living in a city such as New York, social skills play a role in not only getting a job or an internship, but in building friendships as well. Friendships are essential, whether it’s studying together and having someone to spend time with or working in the office. Social skills allow you to communicate with others effectively and on a friendly level versus being serious and business-like. As well as learning how to communicate, having friendships can also be a way to “get a foot in the door”. If a person knows someone that has a great job, they can refer them to the company, which usually results in the person receiving a job opportunity.

Learning to have social skills within New York City plays a big part in learning to cope with people of different cultures and personalities. New York City, in general, is one of the most diverse cities within the United States and because of this is good to surround you by different people and learn from them as well as their past experiences. It is beneficial to learn how to deal with people of different cultures because something that you may not find offensive may be extremely defensive to someone else because of the way they were bought up or the culture and religion itself. It also beneficial to learn how to deal with different personalities because there may be a day where you are forced to get along with someone that you, personally, do not favor and you may have to work with them.

Having hope and never giving up is also significant in achieving success. Failure is the key to success, means each time you fail, you learn from your mistakes in order to make yourself a better person. As Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” NYC’s is a very competitive city. Failure is inevitable, yet learning to become hopeful leads to success.

Staying optimistic gives you hope when you fail to achieve. Friendship and advices encourage you to keep trying. Hard work and dedication guides you to the top. Nothing is impossible and it is positive dreams can turn into reality in New York City.

Evaluting “Beautiful Skin”

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There are a variety of blogs where each person expresses their views about subject matters of their interest. An extraordinary blog keeps the reader interested with the tone of the writing and provides helpful information about the topic or the issue that the blog is addresses. A blog has to be carefully organized, traditional enough for readability, yet soothing to the eyes and confirming to modern blogging standards. The “Beautiful Skin” blog that I chose to evaluate consists of all these factors. I have found this particular blog worthy enough for me to view as a benchmark of what a good blog should be.

A great first impression is one of the sure-shot ways to attract readers to come back for more and actually read your content instead of trying to click the banner ads on the side of the page and exit in circa five seconds, I found this blog full of great first impressions. As I opened the “Beautiful skin” blog page, it was filled with 3 shades of pink. The page has dark pink on the two sides; it was light pink on the right middle side and white on the left middle side. This blog is about healthy, beautiful skin and body and the pink color gives it a fresh, calm feeling. The color and background of a blog has to appeal to its subject. This is similar to a title corresponding with an essay. Moreover, the first page also contained many attractive visuals. Such pictures includes a woman with flawless skin smelling a bright red rose representing an ingredient called rose water which rejuvenates and clears skin. It also includes a picture of Vitamins representing the different types of vitamins your body needs to remain healthy and a picture of a woman in good shape drinking green tea. These visuals are very clear and alive because of their bright color which motivates readers to drink that bottle of water or take that vitamin.

Another factor appealing about this blog is that it is very convenient. It contains numerous information and solutions for taking care of every part of your body. A variety of information in one blog is very helpful because the reader does not have to go back and forth from blog to blog. This blog includes information from taking care of your hand skin, body skin to taking care of your teeth. This website includes your outside beauty and well as staying healthy and stress free on the inside. This includes the food you can eat for your diet to all types to various therapies, as well as lotions you can use and face masks you can create. Moreover these types of masks, lotions, and diet are also organized according to the type of skin you have such as oily skin, dry skin as well people with skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, and freckles. The face masks in particular were very interesting to me because I have created my own face masks and used it in the past and recently. Some of these ingredients are also similar to what I have used and because these ingredients have worked for me, it makes me feel safe to try these recipes.

Besides including pictures and variety of information in a blog, how you present these information is equally important. This “beautiful skin” blog uses a very persuasive and encouraging tone in its writing which is what readers that are reading blogs such as this need. Many people, including myself, have tried numerous amounts of lotions and face masks. Unfortunately some of these procedures have failed to work or people just give up after a week due to lack of hope and encouragement. This writing uses great detail, explaining step by step what to do, for how long, and how often and its information is also supported by other sources. This lets the reader know that the author did not just make these ingredients up and shows that the writer knows what he/she is talking about. This builds up trust within the reader and writer. Moreover the writer also presents situations in his/her writing such as “Time to time we feel ourselves very tired, irritable, drained and even aggressive.” Many readers have probably been in one of these situations which makes it easier for the reader to follow what the writer is instructing.

This “Beautiful skin” blog is very helpful for those who want to find out what they can do to live a clear skin and healthy body lifestyle. It is convenient for every skin type and even those that have skin problems such as acne. It is easy to navigate since everything is broken down in categories towards the right side of the webpage. A person who is interested in such a subject won’t turn back until trying a face mask or following a diet presented in this blog.

Change in New York City: Homeless

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New York City is one of the greatest city in the world, yet no place nor person is perfect. There’s always factors that can be improved. . One thing I would change about New York City is to take out all the homeless. I think its very heartbreaking to see people sleeping in the train, on the platforms or on the sidewalk. Sometimes these homesless have no arms or no feet which is so sad. All they have is a cup in which they try to get even a penny from people passing by.

As I walk to take the 6 train in Grand Central every morning and while coming home to take the 7 every afternoon, I see someone on the floor everyday. Either they are laying across the floor or sitting in the corner helplessly. I pass by them, pretending as I don’t notice them. Some smell very bad because they haven’t showered in a long time. It is upsetting to know that these people are humans, like all of us and they are going through such thing. If I couldn’t shower or eat for even a day, it would be really hard. I can’t imagine how these people would feel and how frustrating it is to live a life like that every single day with no hope of a different life one day. It is also hard especially when they see thousands of people traveling each day going to work and making a living while they have to sit in a corner and beg for money. It is also upsetting because there are millions of places in NYC where this occurs and it is growing.

This is one of my wishes for New York City. I wish all the homeless would be able to live a normal life like the rest of us.

Research Paper.

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September 11’s impact on New York City

9/ 11 was one of the most horrifying tragedies and one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the history of the United States. New York City, home to over 8 million residents as well as one of the biggest tourist destinations, was significantly impacted by 9/11. Since that fateful day, security has tightened in subways and airports and restrictions have been placed on tourist attractions such as Statue of liberty, and the Empire State. Just this one event, has led to changes for even the humanity to come.

On September 11, 2001 at 8:46 A.M. American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 struck the north and south towers, respectively. The two 110 story towers collapsed within two hours. This crash also damaged surrounding buildings such as the 7 World center, 6 World center, 5 World center, the world financial center, and St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Smoke from these crashes was visible through every borough of the city. Workers, visitors, and tourists around the area ran for their lives in fear. Those who came to work early that morning came in with a mindset that it was going to be normal day like any other. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. As the buildings collapsed, everyone rushed out the building. Sadly, some knew their future and jumped out the building to prevent their bodies from burning. During this horrendous tragedy, a total of 2,998 innocent lives were taken and more than 6,291 were injured. This number included the passengers of the two flights and firefighters that were there to help. Some families were left with no dad, some with no brother or a mom, those who came to visit never had a chance to return back home. Injured victims were left with no legs or no arms, leaving some handicapped for life.

NYC’s subways have been impacted by the September 11 attack significantly. There has been tighter as well as more securities since then. Random bag search by the police also occurs often. This affects many commuters because in NYC, everyone is rushing to get to where they have to and no one wants to be stopped. Moreover it will also cause aggravation if the police suspect something when it turns out to be something insignificant. There are also many rumors and threats about terrorists planning to bomb the subway. This is very frightening because millions of people travel through subways each day. It is extremely hard when commuters have to get on the subway with this in mind. Sadly they can’t turn away because for many New Yorkers train is the only transportation available. Furthermore if there is an accident or some type of malfunction on the train, the MTA service has to do extra investigation to make sure it is not anything dangerous. When people are on the train and it stops startlingly or if the train is stuck in the same spot for more than a minute or two, everyone panics and the first thing they think about “Could this be another terrorist attack?” This most likely happens when the conductor fails to announce and update the passengers about why the train stopped. Another impact of 9/11 is choosing the right workers to work for the MTA. It has been proven to us that everyone cannot be trusted and each person has to be scrutinized before they are hired. Close attention has to also be given to those who are working as well. The MTA’s advertisement of “If you see something, say something” is highly important for passengers to follow because informing a MTA officer or employee about something suspicious can even lead to saving a life or many lives.

Security tightening as well as a decrease in tourism has played an important role in NYC attractions such as Statue of liberty and the Empire State building. The Statue of Liberty also known as Liberty Enlightening the world, has been a monument of New York City since it was given by France as a gift in 1886. The Statue along with the pedestal and foundation is 305 ft. and stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. The amazing view from the top of the crown keeps the tourist coming back each year to get another experience. The Empire State building was built in 1931 and consists of 102 stories. It was the world’s tallest building for about forty years until the World Trade Center was built. The WTC’s towers became the tallest building but ever since the disaster of 2001; the Empire state today, again stands as the tallest building in New York State. Moreover the Empire State is also known for its panoramic view which attracts most tourists and visitors. Many tourists and visitors have come to NYC to experience these astounding monuments. Sadly, following the attacks of 9/11 these tourists have been cut down immensely. According to an article by Cory Doctorow, the rate of tourism has gone down 17 % since 9/11. One reason for this is because visitors and tourists were only allowed to go up to the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. Soon after 9/11, Liberty Island was fully closed for about 3 months from September 2001 to December 2001. Still living in fear of another possible attack that might occur they restricted visitors from going up to the crown. People come from all over the world excited and wanting to experience the statue of liberty and it is very heartbreaking that they will only get a gist of what it is about. Moreover, when some visitors find out that they will not able to go all the way to the top, there is a great possibility that they will not buy a ticket to go see the statue in general because of the fact that they will only experience some part of it. Another reason for the loss of visitors is because they are scared of another possible terrorist attack. It is hard not to think about 9/11when you are looking at astounding monuments such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State. Although the Empire State and Lady Liberty have a lot to offer, these threats affect the visitor’s enjoyment of the building. 9/11 stays on the back of everyone’s minds and no one wants to go through what those innocent victims went through on that day and they feel like the best way to prevent that is to just not visit such attractions.

Due to these threats securities to get into the World Trade center and the Statue of liberty have tightened significantly. They securities must always be caution and check every inch of every person as they walk in. Bag check is mandatory for everyone and visitors must pass through the metal detectors. Securities and security cameras are also presents throughout these attractions to catch any suspicious behaviors. Since attacks of 9/11, New Yorkers have learned that nothing is impossible and we have to be prepared for the worst.

The airports have also changed their rules and regulation significantly since the attacks of the World Trade center. To get into the airport you must take everything off, including your shoes and be scanned individually by a metal detector. Being a former worker at LaGuardia Airport, I had to take off my shoes everyday and be checked as well until I received my worker identification card. Moreover you are not allowed to take any sort of liquid in your carryon luggage that is more that 3 ounces and is not in a see through zip lock bag. Such include any type of drinks, hand sanitizer, lotions, shampoos etc. When the towers were first attacked, passengers weren’t allowed to bring any liquid at all in the airplane but recently they came out with the 3 ounce rule. Moreover, drinks purchased after the security point are permitted to be brought inside the airplane. Other items such as any sharp object, ice picks, lighters, nail clippers, lithium batteries and much more are not allowed to be brought with you at the airport. Some items that are considered to be awfully dangerous such as knives or guns should not even be brought by accident; otherwise the passenger will be fined and prosecuted. These strict rules of the TSA have been working smoothly and there have not been any complications till now.

September 11, 2001 has placed a great impact on New York City. Everywhere you go, securities are tightened and you think about the disaster when you take a look at the major building and tourist sites. It takes longer to get in anywhere because of the bag checking including random search in the subway. Malfunctions and accidents in subways have led to close investigation especially with the threats about subway bombing. Every move, every person should be closely watched, especially if there is something suspicious about them. We must do everything we can to prevent another tragedy such as September 11.


My New York Heroes

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A hero is defined different by each person. For me, a hero is someone who encourages you when you lose confidence and hope, a hero is someone who is not only there for you when you need them through the bad times but is there to celebrate the good times. Someone who will sacrifice their time to talk to you when you need them and someone who will come see you with one phone call. A hero is someone who tells you when you are doing something wrong and screams when you do, do something wrong. A hero is someone who makes you understand and takes you through the right path. A hero is someone you keep close to your heart. A hero doesn’t have to be one person and for me my heroes are my family and my best friends.

My family has been there for me since I was born, matter fact even before I was born. They have been there each step to guide me to become successful. They get upset sometimes when I do the wrong things, but I know they only get mad because they don’t want me taking the wrong path and make mistakes that they might have made. They are also there when I need anything, whether its to buy something for me, to talk about an issue, or just to laugh together.

My four best friends, they have been my shoulder to lean on and showed me how important it is to have friends around. They have been there to encourage me to study harder when I fail a test. Reminding me everything will be alright and telling me how much of a great person I am when I am upset about anything possible. Having them in my life, makes me feel like I can get through anything and talking to them puts a smile on my face, no matter how disastrous the situation gets.

This is my meaning of a hero and this is why i consider my family and friends as my heroes.

2nd Essay!!

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The clocks ticks 12:30 at night, everywhere in the nation, people are sleeping or at least getting ready to sleep, everywhere except New York, of course. Queen, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, and Brooklyn, the five boroughs, everywhere there are bright lights, not to mention many people walking, running, laughing, talking etc. Millions of bars and lounges crowded with people. Residents having their own get together, religious festivals, and events in their cultural neighborhood and temples. Barbershops, hair salons, nail salons, equally crowded and open until 2 A.M. Attractions like Times Square and Pier 17 crowded with millions of tourists. In other states you have to go downtown to experience night life while in New York, there is a unique nightlife everywhere.

New York City is the home for many things, and having the finest clubs and bars/lounges, are some of them. Across all boroughs, mainly Manhattan, is where dancing and drinking takes place. New York City has the variety of clubs than any other state which is what makes New York’s clubs so different from other states. Clubs in New York city play a variety of music, some clubs specialize in one type of music. For example many clubs play music such as Hip-hop , rap, reggae, techno, house and Spanish music. Drinking, dancing, and socializing are all the joy that New Yorkers look forward to and get while going to a club. Clubs in New York City usually open at 10-11 P.M. yet it doesn’t get crowded till about 1-2 A.M and of course the party does not end till the next morning where everyone is ready to pass out.

As one of the most diverse state in the U.S, this diversity contributes gratefully to the night life of New York city Get-togethers, , cultural events in temples and cultural areas all block parties, house parties contribute to New York lifestyle. In the borough of Queen, each section contributes to each culture. A Jackson height is the home for south Asian cultures and they hold numerous events in the streets of Jackson heights especially during holidays. Many people gather, celebrate, eat, drink, and dance. In Temples, there are events held almost every night. Many families, priest, gather perform ceremonies, eat, etc. In Corona, residents from the Hispanic culture gather around outside drink, play cards, dance, sing and eat. The borough of Brooklyn and Bronx are popular for block parties. Many residents gather there’s loud music playing and the party goes on till the sun rises.

Recently I had learned that New York has more of nightlife than I ever imagined. It was a Saturday when I traveled to the Bronx. It was midnight when me and a friend got off the highway and drove along the local streets in the Bronx. Every apartment was lit up, loud music blaring in some apartment. Grocery stores, convenience stores all open with people outside the door chatting. Shortly we stopped the car and parked. I wasn’t aware of where we were going but I looked up as we stopped and noticed that we were going to a barber shop at almost 12:30 A.M. We walked inside and there was a full house in there. I sat there, still surprised, and curiously wondered if this was the only barber shop that was open. After five minutes I left the barber shop and walked down the block. As I walked I noticed a nail salon filled with music and was also filled with many people, mainly women getting a manicure, pedicure, or just chatting with some of the workers. I stood for a minute and then started walking again. A couple of blocks down there was a hair salon, not as many people but a still a lot. It was almost one A.M. at this point. I went home that night astonished at what I saw.

Times Square is the heart of New York City and a main tourist attraction. The first time I experienced every aspect of Times Square was only a few years ago. We got off the 7 train on 42nd Street and 7th Avenue, it was 10 P.M. We walked up and were shocked at the scenery, it felt like daylight again. As I walked I saw this place filled with Billboards, variety of stores, restaurants, flashing lights, cars and of course people. I walked further down and saw the famous Toys r’ us. Hearing about this “attraction” from others made me excited to go in there and see for myself. I went in; first thing I noticed was a huge Ferris wheel. There is no possibility that you will find a Ferris wheel in a store full and running in any other place other than New York City. As we proceeded to the next floor we passed by an enormous dinosaur which was very realistic and chilling and a Barbie house which displayed every Barbie you can think of. As I walked out of Toys r’ us, a lady asked me if I wanted a drawing of my face and it would take only five minutes. I was contemplating on whether I should or not but her enthusiasm made it impossible to refuse. What amazed me most were not the pictures but her energy level at this time of the night. I crossed the street and stood on this fork road where everyone came to take pictures due to the beautiful view, and just looked around. Everyone was lively and full of energy. It was just amazing.

South Seaport or Pier 17 is also another whole world that has an extravagant nightlife. South Seaport has clubs, bars, shopping stores, but the best part of south seaport nightlife is the view of the shiny wavy water in the Hudson River and the bright lighted Brooklyn Bridge. Many residents and tourist from all over the world come to south seaport to get that full view. Residents of New York have been there millions of time yet they always want to experience it again.

New York City’s nightlife cannot be compared to any other state. While other states turn off their lights, New York City turns them on until the next morning. Millions of bars and lounges, the night life in residents from different cultures, The famous Times Square and pier 17, that are crowded and running till the next morning cannot be found anywhere else. If you go to Times Square at two A.M., you will not be able to figure out if it’s daytime or nighttime in the rest of the state. Getting your hair done or your nails done at anytime is very convenient since Salons and barber shops in the Bronx are open until late. New York also has the numerous clubs and bars that have various types of music which fits everyone’s style and makes it easier to adapt no matter where they are from. New York is called “The city that never sleeps” and it stands for its name.

Mini Michael…Anything is possible in NY

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Paragraph from essay #2 ..

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Times Square is the heart of New York City and a main tourist attraction. The first time I experienced every aspect of Times Square was only a few years ago. I got off the 7 train on 42nd Street and 7th Avenue, it was 10 P.M. I walked up and was shocked at the scenery, it felt like daylight again. As I walked I saw this place called Times Square filled with Billboards, stores, restaurants, flashing lights, cars and of course people. I walked further down and saw the famous Toys r’ us. Hearing about this “attraction” from other before made me excited to go in there and see for myself. I went in; first thing I noticed was a huge Ferris wheel. You can’t find a ferries wheel full and running at 11 P.M. anywhere else except New York. There was also a humongous dinosaur which was very realistic and scary and a Barbie house which displays every Barbie you can think of. As I walked out of Toys r’ us, a lady asked me if I wanted a drawing of my face and it would take only five minutes. I reused but regardless she enthusiastically showed me some examples. I couldn’t refuse. What amazed me most were not the pictures but her energy level at this time of the night. I crossed the street and stood on this fork road where everyone came to take pictures due to the beautiful view, and just looked around. Everyone was lively and full of energy. It was just amazing.

Final Draft..

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NYC’s Magical World

The cold wind brushed through my face as I got off the train and made a right on Fulton Street. I smelled the river from a distance and saw the reflection of the moon on the water looking incredible. My eyes glowed as I saw the crowd of people, they were everywhere. Everyone, from elders to children showed expressions on their faces as if they were in a magical world, a world filled with happiness. Furthermore, the view of Brooklyn bridge looked amazing At this moment I said to myself, “This is the magical world that has brought people together, families, lovers and friends to a extraordinary world surrounded by beauty and tranquility.”

South Street Seaport is one of the most amazing places in New York City for many reasons. From the view of the east river, the museums, to the most popular stores, to the numerous events held there and the top restaurants, South Seaport has it all. South Seaport consists of the “South Street Seaport Museum” and the famous body exhibit. These museums, especially “The bodies” exhibition has been very popular with the visitors and tourists of South Seaport.

South Seaport also consists of many dining places and bars such as UNOS Chicago grill, Harbour Lights, Quartino, Exchange bar and lounge, Nelson Blue, Wine and Chill and Red. Moreover, South Seaport is a place where people can shop. Some of the many stores in South Seaport are Abercrombie and Fitch, Cabana, Coach, Claires, Express, Ann Taylor etc. Some of the biggest holiday events and activities are held at south seaport. Moreover, South Seaport is never as crowded as it is during those events. Such events and activities include the Holiday Chorus Tree featuring the Big Apple chorus, opera shows, Teen Entrepreneur Boot Camp, ice skating rink at Seaport ice, Lunchtime Tango etc.

I walked on the boardwalk with a few of my friends, the cool breeze brushed through me, giving me chills in every part of my body. The nature that surrounds Seaport gives its visitors a feeling of freedom, comfort and an escape from reality. As we walked further, I saw a couple sitting down holding hands looking at the sky and the peacefully flowing river. Their eyes showed that they didn’t notice anything around them except the view of the water and themselves. Seaport is one of the most romantic places in the world; it sets the mood for the perfect first date or any date. I turned to the left from where I was and stood still for a minute when I saw a man by sitting by himself. He was looking up at his surroundings; mainly focusing on the bright lighted Brooklyn Bridge. He then got his camera out and took about ten shots of the bridge. He continued it as we walked away. It took me by surprised me that there was an individual by himself at a place like South Seaport. Then I realized, Seaport isn’t just a place for family and friends but it can provide a comforting environment for someone who comes by themselves.

Next, we went inside UNOS, but instead looking at the menu, I was excited about what we were going to do next. We decided to quickly eat and proceed to our last stop of the night. We had planned the best for last, of course. Sitting down on the chairs by the water makes you never want to leave this place. It gives you a glimpse of what heaven is. We all sat down and for a moment there was silence. Then suddenly all of us looked at each and just smiled. A minute later everyone just came close to each other. The view gave us a moment of silence and during the moment of silence, it magically reminded all of us of our friendship. Next, we looked up at the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge that stood there. The lights on the bridge and the many cars that went through it made it look alive and startling. I looked around the seats by the water; every seat was filled with people. Everyone gazed at the waves of the water. They all looked like they were being hypnotized by the still expressions on their faces. I didn’t even realize I was going into my own world and I suddenly jumped when I heard a little girl screamed “Look mommy look, it’s so pretty!” “Yes, it really is honey, isn’t it” she replied. I looked at the little girl and she looked back and we just smiled at each other.

Tourists and all kinds of visitors are amazed to look at Seaports beautiful structure and surroundings. Its nature moves people and makes them feel as if they are in a fantasy where only happiness and joy exists. Seaport is one of the most incredible places mainly for its view but also for the reason that you can enjoy a whole day at Seaport without wondering what you can do next. You can learn facts about Seaport in its various museums, shop in the numerous stores it consists of, dine in the many different restaurants, and participate in the ongoing activities. But the beauty of it is all in its nature, the environment, the soothing sound of the east river, the breathtaking view of NYC, and the astonishing sight of the Brooklyn Bridge. South Seaport contributes significantly towards New York City being one of world’s greatest city and place to be.

♥ About Me ♥

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My name is Prerita Sharma. I’m from Nepal and i’m 18 years old. This is my second semester of my freshman year at Baruch College. I’m planning to major in accounting but haven’t made a decision yet. My favorite pasttimes are dancing, spending time with family and friends, reading, listening to music, sleeping etc… Thats all for now..