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Skills and Hope: Keys to Success

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New York City is known as the city full of possibilities. The number of doors and opportunities within New York has made it possible to achieve any dream. Yet, opening these doors and gaining these opportunities cannot be achieved without hard work and dedication. Using your social skills to know the right people arises opportunities, especially when getting a job or an internship. Being that New York is a very competitive city, sometimes only having good grades is not enough to move to a higher position. Hope also plays a part in achieving success. Staying strong and hopeful through your failures only makes you work harder. These skills are the keys to your success.

About two months back, about mid-March, I attended a Business luncheon held at Baruch College where I met many professionals. The guest speaker explained us that networking was one of the most important factors in building relationships with professionals, which can help in getting a job in the future. He, himself, got his internships and his job at Deloitte and Touche, one of the biggest accounting firms, through social networking. Social Skills, such as ongoing conversation, follow-up emails and phone calls, and listening to the speakers are at the top of the list to make a good lasting impression. Moreover, social skills let professionals see if you have the type of personality they are looking for. Listening to others talk as well as asking questions and making comments shows that you are a good listener. Keeping in touch through emails or phone calls shows your effort and dedications, which puts you at the top of the candidate list. As I mentioned before, New York City is a very competitive city, especially in the business world, since it is the home of the largest financial district. Knowing the top people and using your skills to show them what type of person you are can open multiple doors that will lead to successful future.

Living in a city such as New York, social skills play a role in not only getting a job or an internship, but in building friendships as well. Friendships are essential, whether it’s studying together and having someone to spend time with or working in the office. Social skills allow you to communicate with others effectively and on a friendly level versus being serious and business-like. As well as learning how to communicate, having friendships can also be a way to “get a foot in the door”. If a person knows someone that has a great job, they can refer them to the company, which usually results in the person receiving a job opportunity.

Learning to have social skills within New York City plays a big part in learning to cope with people of different cultures and personalities. New York City, in general, is one of the most diverse cities within the United States and because of this is good to surround you by different people and learn from them as well as their past experiences. It is beneficial to learn how to deal with people of different cultures because something that you may not find offensive may be extremely defensive to someone else because of the way they were bought up or the culture and religion itself. It also beneficial to learn how to deal with different personalities because there may be a day where you are forced to get along with someone that you, personally, do not favor and you may have to work with them.

Having hope and never giving up is also significant in achieving success. Failure is the key to success, means each time you fail, you learn from your mistakes in order to make yourself a better person. As Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” NYC’s is a very competitive city. Failure is inevitable, yet learning to become hopeful leads to success.

Staying optimistic gives you hope when you fail to achieve. Friendship and advices encourage you to keep trying. Hard work and dedication guides you to the top. Nothing is impossible and it is positive dreams can turn into reality in New York City.

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