Assignments/Due Dates

Video Stories

Upcoming Dates

 Thursday, Nov. 15: Video Editing Workshop

We’ll be using the interview and footage you captured in your five-shot sequence shooting assignment in a practice editing exercise.

Tuesday, Nov. 29: In-class production day on rough cuts

Thursday, Dec. 1: Rough cut of video due

Radio Stories

Your drafts of your scripts for your actual, NOT-practice radio story will be due next Thursday, Oct. 27 or Friday Oct 28, depending on when you schedule your edit session. Everyone will sign up for a one-on-one editing session with me Thursday or Friday. (We will not have class as usual that Thursday.) You can sign up for a time slot here, first come first served:

Radio stories should be 3 to 4 minutes long, and should include sound bites from at least three different people.

Your final, edited radio story will be due one week from your edit session.

Photo Essays

Rough draft due by midnight Thursday, Sept. 22. That class will be devoted to editing and production on the photo essays.


Final draft due by class time Thursday, Oct. 6

Pitches for your radio stories will be due by class time on Tuesday, October 11.

Post your pitches here on the class blog. Give a couple of paragraphs telling us who/what your photo essays will be covering, and why it is interesting or timely or relevant. Confirm that you actually have access to the story you want to do. And finally, tell us what kind of visuals you anticipate. Do yourself a favor and pitch a story that is visually interesting rather than trying to force an interesting but not-super-visual story to work for this assignment.