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Mexico life in poverty

Children outside selling candy to make money

Children selling candy to earn money

It is no surprise that Mexico has been dealing with poverty since the beginning of time. Those who suffer the most are the ones who work in rural areas due to the uncertainty on whether they are going to get enough produce, but they still do it just to earn the bare minimum to keep not only them alive but also their family. Children are also affected by being raised in a low income family due their parents not having enough money or resources to provide their child with a good education.

school in mexico

Children classroom

When my mom went to middle school she saw that some of the students in her class didn’t have any lunch or their uniforms were sewed by their parents because they couldn’t afford new school uniforms. My mom’s shoes were also colored in with a black marker because her parents couldn’t afford to buy an extra pair of kids pumps. The classes themselves didn’t have enough books or tables for all the kids to have so they had to share. The school required that the parents buy notebooks and extra pencils. My mom would often ask her dad to buy her extra notebooks for her just to she can give one or two away to her classmates who didn’t have one without letting her dad know. Although her dad barely had money to sustain the basic living expenses, he wanted my mom to continue in school so she wouldn’t have to work in laborious jobs. The other students’ parents that weren’t able to afford the necessities took their children out of school.

My grandma was friends with everyone in her neighborhood so my mom knew most of her classmates’ parents and realized that those who left school started helping their moms out with their siblings or household chores.

Mexico neighborhoods

Once my mom was in her last year of high school she still didn’t have outside resources such as the internet even though it was already established at that time. She only had some notebooks, pencils and one or two textbooks she was able to afford.  The Internet is “an important instrument to improve employment opportunities, upgrade education levels, and increase income” , said Jorge Mora Rivera of Mexico school of social science and government. My grandfather’s biggest fear was not being able to provide enough for his children which caused  my grandfather to always work extremely hard even if the weather and his age was not ideal.

 My mother grew up with her dad being a farmer and her mom a housewife. Her dad works from early in the morning around 5-6am until night time. My mother found out later on that There were times where my grandpa was scared that there wasn’t going to be enough produce to sell or even feed his family due to the weather conditions. In “Droughts and rural households’ wellbeing: evidence from Mexico” the authors claims, “Droughts can decrease farm revenues and employment in agricultural activities” which causes not only my grandpa but his friends to stress on how they were going to make up for the money and produce they lost. Not only that being out in the sun all day and doing such laborious jobs caused my grandfather to get ill a lot but he didn’t skip work because he always thought of our family and made sure we always had food in our mouths. The desperation of getting some pieces of food into my mom and her family’s stomachs made him adapt to every weather condition. Today he still works on the farm but you can see how much physical labor took a toll on his health and his body that’s why many make the sacrifice leaving their rural area to go to the city or even out of the country. They want to be able to earn enough to not have to worry whether they are going to eat or not.

Mexico agricultural labor

Many Mexicans from the rural area would have agricultural labor because it was one of the ways they would make enough money to sustain themselves. But with time it would severely affect them due to harsh conditions they have to endure