Hi, this is Linh here,
I appreciate you looking around and review my portfolio. This is my space to share material, images, short tips, and anecdotes which represents my accomplishment as of now. Keep supporting me in the future.
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Linh Ngoc Pham


I’m a person who have specializes in commercial, consultancy, editorial, and shoots. While pursuing undergraduate education, I took part in a lot of extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and numerous part-time jobs in various fields. I completed my work assignments with great diligence. I believe I can grow and succeed in a wide range of job categories because of the fantastic experience I have gained across those industries. This portfolio website I made for myself to fulfill my enthusiasm, further professional interests also advertise my careers.

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Personal Background

All About me


My goal is to excel in a leadership role and contribute to improving our family’s financial situation while also benefiting our community. To achieve this, I have pursued various avenues, including rigorous academic coursework, part-time work, and obtaining professional certifications, all in preparation for a successful and impactful career…. Review more in my digital resume


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Navigating life’s intricate fabric, choices unfold paths to and courage for a truly fulfilling journey. Explore beauty though the photoshoots and model career journey, this maybe the most wonderful experience in life

What people are saying




“Linh is a very special young person, the kind that gives you hope for the future. Thật young lady, she has passion, drive, and a deep optimism for what’s possible. I’ve seen firsthand how she uses that optimism to inspire others and help the client who is working with feel comfortable”




“I was her classmate in the Politics course. I have a chance to work on an assignment presentation. It didn’t surprise me at all when she was the enthusiastic person to show up for our initial organizational meeting or when she volunteered to take notes and spear headed the playground project. “

Other review

“Starting her role as a project administration has been great, thanks to Linh with her skills in media management, and plugin integration, making website management a breeze.”


Liz S.


From the blog

Stay up to date with the latest from my blogs. Click the title below or Blogs title on Navigate menu to read more. I also have an additional website specialize in blogging and pictures concepts style, link on the footnote sections or the “Blogger” post, you can also click here for quick access

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