Week #11

In comparison to India, Pakistan seems to lack advanced nuclear technology. However, its current building of arsenal brings concern to the international community. One concern is the current India-Pakistan conflict brought on by the undisputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It does not help they both now have access to nuclear arsenal. Abdullah explains, Pakistan would refrain from using nuclear arsenal unless it is used for defense. The author also argues whether or not it reasoning can be a cause of cultural taboo—Pakistan commits “nuclear bluffs”. Although, there have been various diplomatic ceasefires, there have been multiple violations on both parties.

I think what aggravates the situation, is the expansion of military ties between Pakistan, China, and Saudi Arabia. It is because of the geographical disadvantages; these alliances threaten India by already being landlocked between the two regional powers. India is already a growing global power but Pakistan being funded by China, this can deviate its global ambitions.

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I assume you did not mean to call Jammu and Kashmir “undisputed territory,” since it is clearly exactly the opposite! But your point about India’s uneasiness over the long relationship between China and Pakistan is certainly correct. China has provided Pakistan with civilian nuclear reactors, though there is not convincing evidence that they were involved in the development of the Pakistani bomb. The connection of both countries with Saudi Arabia remains to be determined. Obviously, both Pakistan and Saudi are Islamic countries, and we know that China is keenly interested in gaining a foothold in the Persian Gulf, due to its need for oil. –Professor Wallerstein

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