1. At first, we needed a prank idea, but no one had a great one that didn’t have great punishments. Some of the ideas included doing the cup in the hallway thing, but we were sure we would get caught before we could finish it, and there was also a lot of cleanup that had to be done afterward. But when someone suggested a water gun fight in school, most people were on board until we realized the many drawbacks, such as getting mold into the walls or possibly the carpet, or maybe bringing a bunch of water guns to school secretly was a bad idea, so we thought about water balloons. Before the end of the school day, we filled 2-3 buckets with water balloons. and slightly before school ended, the seniors (us) walked out and started grabbing water balloons and throwing them at each other. This resulted in a bunch of teachers coming outside to look at what was going on, but all the teachers that came out were good teachers, so we didn’t throw it at the teachers, we did throw it at some kids we were semi-cool with, but it was mostly a fight between the seniors. When I tried chucking it hard at my friend John, who was standing about 60ft away from me (this was an all-out war; we took over the sidelines and had a dead zone and everything), a girl that i knew walked in front of it, and I threw the balloon (nonitentanaly) at her face, going mok 10. She was shocked, but we laughed it off after the fact. Everyone was soaked, and it was one of the most fun times i had in high school.
  2. I remember playing on the bed when I was between 2-3. This was my earliest memory. I remember trying to crawl away from my sister because she annoyed me. Just as I thought I was getting away, she grabbed my right leg, and I thought, “Oh my god, how?” It was just a feeling, and I didn’t know how to speak well yet. This was a memory that I never thought was real because it was likely from a dream or something like that. But when I was rewatching recordings of me as a child, I saw it happen! Same bed, same position, same direction i was crawling, same leg grabbed, it was a 100% match. This made me realize that I give credibility to memories, and some of them i get wrong, like this one. And I’m sure some of my memories are really far from what actually happened.