Class Agenda – Wednesday, Sept. 13

Listen to and discuss exercises from last class.

Upcoming due dates:

Reminder: Completed podcast due by class time on Monday, Sept. 18.

Pitches for Assignment #2, a 5-minute news radio feature (a “wrap”), will be due on Wednesday, Sept. 20. Pitches should be posted on the blog by class time.

A wrap is a scripted radio piece that weaves together natural sounds, interview clips (known as “actualities”), and reporter narration to tell a story. The trick is to choose your actualities carefully to get the most memorable, interesting, powerful, or colorful sound bites possible, leaving the bare facts and background info for your narration. In your narration, you’ll write in and out of the actualities and provide any context that is necessary to help the story make sense. The natural sounds evoke a sense of scene and place. It’s also the reporter’s responsibility to script an introduction for the host to read.

Examples of wraps:

Solar in West Virginia

Fusion restaurant in Brooklyn

Child marriage in Tanzania

When brainstorming pitch ideas, ask yourself these questions:

Does this story have news value? (Aka, is it pegged to some big current news story? Does it involve a prominent person or event? Is there a strong human interest component that sheds light on a larger issue? Does it have some kind of novelty factor? Will it have an impact on a community? Is there conflict? Does it pass the “so what?” test?)

Is there potential for scene-setting natural sounds? (If the whole thing takes place in an office, the sound will not be very compelling.)

Can I confirm that I will have access in order to do the story?

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