Angel Blog Post 11

In the documentary “Life Is But a Dream” Beyoncé reveals her private life in comparison to her public life being a celebrity.  At the beginning of the documentary we are shown Beyoncé’s early childhood life. We are shown that she was gifted as a child and as her parents started to notice her father decided he wanted to make Beyoncé a star. As he goes on to become her manager, we see how this new relationship Beyoncé has with her dad slowly ruins their relationship with him as her father. This is when Beyoncé decided to be her own manager. Beyoncé then talks about her thought process when editing videos, making choreography and singing. She goes on to say “When I’m recording in the studio I want to close my eyes and feel”. Beyoncé then reveals her miscarriage and how it took a toll on her married life. Beyoncé uses the metaphor that the miscarriage was“the saddest song I’ve ever written in my life.” However, after trying again, Beyoncé talks about her daughter Blue Ivy and the endless love she and Jay-Z both have for their wonderful daughter.  After experiencing this while being a celebrity, Beyoncé shows the viewers that being a celebrity is much harder than one would think. There is no privacy. She shows the viewers that celebrities are normal people and they have feelings too. No amount of money could make up for the sense of normality every person should feel. In Alessandra Stanley’s article “Another Cog in the Machinery of Divahood”, she talks about Beyoncé’s documentary in comparison to other celebrities. Stanley gives the critique that Beyoncé is not being entirely honest in her documentary. She claims that she only shows things her fans want to see: “She is a people-pleasing diva and she wants to keep it that way.” I feel that this critique is kind of unfair because as a celebrity, Beyoncé’s whole life is basically on display for all to see, so the one chance she gets to show people what she wants them to know about her, suddenly she is a liar? We all have done the same thing as her, whether its a job interview, social media, or a first date, we only show people things we are comfortable sharing. Just because Beyoncé is a celebrity that directed her own documentary, doesn’t make her any different. Beyoncé has shown great bravery in putting herself out there and has the right to choose what the public can and can not know about her.