Frederick Douglas/ Coronavirus

In Frederick Douglass’ narrative, he explains how slaves were treated due to dehumanization. There was a time period where many people believed that it was okay to treat people like dogs. Matter of fact, dogs were treated better than slaves. Slave masters gave no freedom, rights, or privacy to slaves. By dehumanizing many African American slave’s lives, it was easier for slave masters to treat them however they would like. By doing this, slave owners justified their horrible actions in buying, harming, and destroying many African American lives. Douglass wanted to explain the horrors of slavery while trying to blame the idea of slavery not the people in order to prevent more issues to their society. “Moreover, both the slave narrative as a genre and his role within the Garrisonian movement constrained his ability to tell his story in his own terms and shake off racialized expectations of his story and his telling of it” (Douglass 119).

This came with hard struggles because he was considered a celebrity that he didn’t necessarily want. However, this impacted the people in a beneficial way. Eventually, hundreds and thousands of people would come to listen to his speech. However, while he was growing up, families have often ripped apart and mothers were separated from her children. This tore many slaves’ hearts but I personally think besides that he still persevered and turned out to be a well known inspiration in American history.


As an Asian American, it is very upsetting to see racial discrimination against people who look like me. Although the coronavirus outbreak was originated from China, that doesn’t give a right to anyone to treat Asians anything less than fellow Americans. It wasn’t Asian people’s fault that the virus has started. These people who discriminate against Asians all over our current society, definitely dehumanize people in order to treat them in such away. This was shown since the first viral video of an old Asian man who collects cans and bottles in San Francisco. He was hit and yelled at as his cart of bottles and cans were stolen away from him. There were also many instances where Asian people were getting jumped in subways, ferries, and many other public places. It is very sad to say that I have experienced some instances of racism because of the coronavirus. A couple weeks ago I was on the 6 train on the way to school and a tall guy comes into the cart I was in and starts talking about the coronavirus. Including me, there were two other grandmas who were Asian in the whole cart. I started to get a little nervous as he starts to point at the two grandmas and tell them to “fuck off back to China and take your disease with you…” It absolutely broke my heart when the two grandmas started to ask each other in Korean, “what happened? Did I do something wrong?” It was very clear that they didn’t understand what this man has said and I am happy that they couldn’t because they don’t deserve to be spoken to like that. The most traumatic event that occurred to me was actually today, March 10. I was heading back home from school and I was on the 7 train. This man who was selling batteries was going around asking for money. He stopped to me and a couple of older Asian grandma and grandpas. When he came to me I ignored him hoping that he would just pass on. However, he started saying how we “Asians are dirty and don’t belong here”. I simply ignored and continued to text my friend about the new change in our midterm schedule. The train stopped at Jackson Heights and this man snatched my phone out of my hand and dashed. For a second, I didn’t move or realize what has actually happened. I was in shock and two strangers helped me as we ran after this man. I still remember everything he was wearing head to toe and his exact haircut. He has long hair that resembled a lot like the older brother of The Diaries of Wimpy Kids. He was wearing a long thin brown jacket with mid wash jeans with beige and neon fly knit sneakers. After not believing what has just occurred, I took the next train back to Flushing. As soon as I got to the station, I reported what happened to the MTA and the police. I broke down crying as I explained what happened. It hasn’t been 6 months since I’ve had that phone. I was only able to contact people in my Mac book at home. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody and I am still shaken up about it.

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  1. I agree with you, and I’m so sorry this happened to you! Nobody should go through this. This discrimination is getting out of hand, and it is heartbreaking to see it happening to people. I hope you are okay!

  2. As an Asian American I feel for your pain. I understand that it is quite painful to be ostracized but finding faith that they are good people in society hopefully will be able to brighten your outlook on people in general.

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