The Value Of Mentors: Jonah Engler, Oprah Winfrey & Gennady Barsky


Mentors help professionals and people develop their careers and bring their desire to succeed to the next level.. Here are some great quotes on the value of mentoring that we have compiled for you. We hope these serve as great inspiration into the importance of a strong mentor.

•“Good mentors simply make the world a better place.” Jonah Engler

•“If you ask any successful businessperson, they will always have had a great mentor at some point along the road. If you want success then it takes hard work, hard work and more hard work. But it also takes a little help along the way. If you are determined and enthusiastic then people will support you.” Richard Branson

•“This is the benefit of having a mentor: a good mentor can help you be your best self.” Ivo Lukas

•“Through mentoring, organizations are seeing dramatic improvements in efficiency, productivity and, of course, the passing of institutional knowledge and leadership skills from one generation to the next.” Mary Abbajay

•“Employees in mentoring relationships tend to have greater job satisfaction as well, which can mean a more positive work environment.” Janice Tingum

•“Mentors can do a number of things for your career. They can help you build your resume, guide you on a project, and help you identify resources, including referring you to other mentors and important people in your field.” Ken Williams

•“Corporate mentoring programs have long been recognized as an essential strategy for attracting, developing, and retaining top employees.” Dana Hagenbuch

•“Mentors can help make the entire professional experience smoother.” Gennady Barsky

•“Everyone who succeeds has had a mentor or mentors.” Abraham Zaleznik

•“Mentors typically have a strong influence on their protégés and their protégés’ careers.” Gerard R. Roche

•“Having a mentor can help you figure out your career path and introduce you to others who you may not have a relationship with yet.” Albert Ko

•“Mentoring shouldn’t just be the result of a formal program, leaders should always be looking to grow. Learning is the purpose, process, and product of mentoring.” Dr. Lois Zachary

•“A mentor brings accountability and this breeds responsibility. I’ve found that within a very short period of time, my mentees fall into the habit of holding themselves accountable for completing their action items.” Lisa Quast

•“With the help of a good mentor, you can work more efficiently with a clearer view of the future you are trying to achieve. This helps you feel more confident in your job, which leads to better job performance and more success along your chosen road.” Andrea Jewell

•“The mentor is the most important factor in a person’s career.” Patricia Palleschi

•“A good mentor breaks you out of your comfort zone. There will always be people around to comfort you, but a good mentor is one that encourages you to keep improving and pushes you into new experiences.” Ivo Lukas

•“The best mentors are the people in your life who push you just a little bit outside your “comfort zone” Leigh Curl

•“Having a good mentor could make the difference between finding success and failure.” Lauren A.S. Bush

•“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” Oprah Winfrey

•“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” Bob Proctor

•“A mentor can provide an employee with tips on career growth and introduce the employee to other professionals. As the employee matures in his career, a mentor may remain a valued adviser to the employee.” Janice Tingum


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