Top 4 Reasons for Having a Mentor in Business


Mentors help professionals and people develop their careers and bring their desire to succeed to the next level. It’s a much better idea for a business manager or executive to have a mentor than to hire a coach. You could spend hundreds of dollars a month on a business coach. You could just treat your mentor to lunch every so often. Mentors open up new pathways for success. Consider these four reasons for having a business mentor.

They Made Mistakes

The reason a business mentor has this wisdom is because they made mistakes. They don’t have to know your industry in full depth to see your plan and your vision. According to entrepreneur Jonah Engler, “A good mentor can help you craft your vision so that you won’t make the same mistakes they made.” The best way to deal with mistakes is to avoid them completely if possible. A mentor won’t solve all your problems, but they can help.

Expand Your Network

A mentor has been around longer than you in the business world. It’s quite likely that they have a very large professional network that they have cultivated during their experiences. Engler says that, “A mentor who sees your character and your potential will be quite willing to introduce you to some of his or her more personal contacts. You never know which doors can open for you with help from your mentor.”

Long Term Relationship

The more time you spend with the mentor, the more they will be able to help you. They will get better at helping you after they learn more about you and your business. Your conversations will become more meaningful over time. The mentor will know which approaches work for you and which ones don’t. The mentor also has no product or service to sell you, so you will trust the mentor. Trust goes a long way in any relationship.

Increase Confidence

A great mentor will pump you up. They will see your potential and show you how to realize it. There is no life and no ability greater than your own. Once you fully believe in yourself, the sky is the limit for what you can achieve. A good mentor knows how to get your competitive juices flowing so that you can achieve all the dreams you ever had. A confident entrepreneur can accomplish anything they set their mind to do. For this reason every business professional should have a mentor.