Beverly Buchanan, Pegues Drive, South Carolina, 1993

Beverly Buchanan (b.1940-2015)
Pegues Drive, South Carolina, 1993
Oil pastel on paper
65 x 85 1/2 in (165 x 216.4 cm)
Purchased from Steinbaum Krauss Gallery
The library building, Floor 7th

This painting illustrates three southern-style houses with vivid colors against a dark blue background. At the bottom, you can see the ground was drawn with an energetic scratch. Those houses were from South Carolina, Buchanan’s hometown. Buchanan was an African American artist and grew up in a family of educators. However, she decided to switch her career path from healthcare education to art and followed her instincts to create paintings and sculptures. Meanwhile, she found a way to present her interests in architecture as well. Her roots drew her back to the south and led her to continue drawing and creating different architecture models from Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. “I really want people to find something about the work that is personal to them,” Buchanan stated. The artwork delivers intimacy for her visitors and reminds people of their home, even if that home does not exist anymore.