What does it mean to serve your community?

As a first semester freshman in Baruch, I have been looking into clubs and organizations to join on campus, in order to avoid the “commuter student life” that I so dread. I believe my role as a Baruch Scholar in the Honors Program is to take part in campus activities and to become a part of the community here. I hope to join a professional organization soon and to further my professional agenda. The Honors Program promotes a strong culture of service, and giving back to the community. By joining an organization, I hope to take part in community service events as well as giving back to the organization as a whole. Perhaps as a junior or senior in Baruch College, I will be able to hold a position on the board of a club or organization. This will allow me to give back to the organization by helping out with the responsibilities to be upheld, and also give back to the school by further promoting the organization. I believe that as Baruch Scholars, it is crucial that we further a higher standard of student involvement on campus, and promoting whatever club or organization that we choose to join. Personally, I want to take advantage of the opportunities for career advancement offered at Baruch, and inform my peers about these resources as well. After graduating, the ultimate goal is to have a job lined up, and I believe the best time to start preparing is the present. I hope to take into account the culture of service which is highlighted by the Honors Program, and give back to the school in the future to show my gratitude for the incredible opportunities I have been presented.

Where Have You Been and Where Are You Going?

My name is Reina, and the one experience that most clearly shaped me into who I am today is my job as a summer camp counselor at the Tokyo YMCA Frost Valley Partnership. So far, I’ve spent three summers there, and every moment has taught me more about who I am, and what kind of person I want to become. Working there, I’m constantly being forced further and further out of my comfort zone, whether it be in socializing with other counselors my age, public speaking, or figuring out how to best build a strong relationships with the kids that I’m in charge of. Over the years, I’ve made friendships with fellow counselors that I’ll definitely keep even well into adulthood. We spend every moment together over the summer, and we sometimes inevitably have disagreements and clashes that only act to bring us even closer together. We heavily rely on one another and are always there to support each other, and to listen to each other. Working to camp has been the most rewarding and life-changing experience that I’ve had the luck of having in my life.

I hope that my time at Baruch will be as unique and incredible as my camp experience. I hope to put myself out there and join clubs, to meet new people, and to grow further as a person. Although I’m sure that even my first semester at Baruch will prove to be difficult to adjust to, and present many challenges, I hope to build strong relationships with fellow Scholars and to work through them together.

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