Mia Romero

I was born and raised in New York City, more specifically, Queens, and I am an 18-year-old first-generation college student. College has been harder than I expected, as I had to experience many sleepless nights. I carried more than I could handle without a proper support system. Yet despite the tough challenges, I would not trade being at Baruch and in college for anything else. I’ve met amazing people and learned incredible things while being surrounded by an energetic city. There is also so much more to be discovered in my college career, and I am already looking forward to having the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Tokyo, Japan. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities here at Baruch, especially being a Baruch Scholar.


I want to offer these quotes as they have helped me push through the most draining experiences.

“Be Afraid And Do It Anyway”

“You Don’t Want To Look Back And Know You Could Have Done Better.”


In regard to this portfolio of mine…
Having creative freedom in my work is so important, and the final works I have attached to this page have allowed me to do just that. I enjoyed making each one of these projects, so it’s sweet I get to showcase them on a website!