My name is Roni Israel, and I am a first-year student at Baruch College. I am majoring in accounting, and aim to acquire my CPA license after college. Alongside my accounting career, I hope to also delve into the real estate business, and ideally grow both of these primary ventures side by side. Since I have mainly attended local schools, Baruch College was a transition as far as commute and environment, but I am eager to develop my fundamental accounting education in this school.

I discovered my interest for the accounting industry as a junior in high school, when I was contemplating my major. I was choosing primarily between finance and accounting, when I realized that accounting was more of a specific science, and would allow for me to eventually work privately while having multiple additional streams of income. This always seemed more appealing than a general corporate scene.

As far as my personal life, I like to work various jobs, including a CPA firm that I work for. I also like watching MMA; I enjoy keeping up with the UFC landscape and watching my favorite fighters utilize different disciplines. I have always felt that these skills are applicable to many real-life situations. Additionally, I enjoy swimming, and have done competitive swimming for nearly ten years, but now do it just recreationally.

This website features my resume, contact information, and further relevant topics. Thank you.