Amazon Slashes the Price for Prime

On September 25th for 24 hours, Prime was on sale to new members for a mere $67. Why, you ask? Well, Amazon has a hit show they offer on Prime called “Transparent.” And at the 67th annual Emmys earlier in the week, Transparent won big with five Emmy Awards. So the sale price of $67 is all about the 67th annual Emmys.

Transparent is about a family whose father becomes transgender and the journey each member of the family goes through in that process. The show stars Jeffrey Tambor as the transitioning father, and its first season obviously hit all the right notes with critics and viewers alike. The second season begins airing in October.

If you are unfamiliar with Prime, they charge an annual fee – usually $99 – and you get free two-day shipping on many of the items sold on Amazon. You can also access their music library and an extensive film and television program library. If you want more options, or to learn about other deals, check out this Amazon-prime-tips-and-tricks list.

The $67 idea is another in a long-line of Prime incentives. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO is deeply committed to the concept and making it pay big. They’ve become innovative in their approach, working out a deal with the U.S. Postal Service, so two-day or same-day deliveries happen even on Sunday. This increased revenue for the USPS, which in turn may actually help keep the postage prices down for everyone.
If all you ever use is the free shipping, you’ll probably save money, but the usual price of $99 per year is only a few dollars more than you would pay for Netflix over a year’s time, and the two services share many of the same shows.

So Amazon combining the PR for Prime and their Prime-owned award-winning show, Transparent – just seems like another brilliant move by Bezos, in a long line of great PR ideas. Including one earlier this summer when Prime Day sold a vast number of new memberships, punked the people, and everyone seemed to get a good laugh along with the occasional great deal.
Good choice once again Amazon Prime, keep selling those memberships.