The Indictment of FIFA and the Public Relations Fallout

The indictment of FIFA by the U.S. Government is a planetary phenomenon that will change the stage for world sports. To begin with, a nation with the least involvement in soccer’s historic and overall role as a leading sport is bringing allegations of FIFA to the PR table. This makes a profound statement for American PR specialists. The forward trials being initiated by the States is exemplary of the influence the United States has—or at least will have—over worldviews.

As for motive, many are skeptical that recent notifications by the U.S. Justice Department are bringing positive change more than for pursuing power where it doesn’t hold any. This is so profound on a diplomatic level that Russian President, Vladimir Putin himself is outraged. The next World Cup in 2018 is, after all, set to be held in Russia.

That is, of course, should allegations about how Russia becoming FIFA’s next World Cup location is not found to be of an illegal nature. We can only speculate about any illegalities during negotiations. As of now, time has to tell if any bribes transpired for establishing the 2018 World Cup location in the country of Russia.

Sometimes, public relation issues get dirty.

But one thing’s for sure regarding the future and how communications will occur in soccer. There’ll be a sort of joint venture for future promotions, advertisements and airings made for the highly acclaimed World Cup and soccer alike. How this leading sport will go about establishing these communication portals will be influenced by a mediator with an interest in fair negotiation that allows transparency for all viewers of the sport.

This is at least what we can hope for considering the strong arm of the U.S. involved in the indictment of FIFA.

But right now, we’ve got bribes and kickbacks that estimate to roughly $150 million over the past two decades. We have nearly all, except the current president, of FIFA arrested and under charges. Those names could lose their position with FIFA and any authority their work has brought them.

Should these FIFA members be found guilty, it would call for an entire board to be renewed if the sport of soccer is to continue. There’s no sign that the actual game and it seasons will be postponed, but new members will be required to keep the league running.

What’s to develop in the next few months is going to make history. There is currently no one in opposition to the U.S. Justice Department that will have the clout and reputation to defend FIFA and its administrative body of officials.