Fiorina shifts to her new career

Her doomed POTUS career has been over about a week, but Carly Fiorina is already launching a new career. Credentialed public speaker for hire. Not on politics, but on economic and business strategy. Could this be a shift for a potential cabinet position or is Fiorina simply biding her time before making another presidential run?

Example speaking topics offered by Fiorina include: “Will America Keep Its Edge? The Global Race for Smart Ideas, Market Share, and Economic Power,” and “From Secretary to CEO: Lessons from a Lifetime of Effective Leadership.”

Both of these are powerful, biographical topics, that Fiorina could easily knock out of the park, but they also stress the multifaceted talent the former candidate showed glimpses of on the campaign trail.

While, for some, Fiorina got pushed to the side by the media and had to suspend her candidacy too soon, she may be well served to stay out of the blood feud the GOP primary race may soon devolve into. Especially if the candidates vowing to run on merit and positivity bow out as well. Already in South Carolina, the ads are getting fierce. By Super Tuesday, the mud will be flying on full automatic. By then Fiorina may have a full slate of speaking engagements and may be thanking her lucky stars to be outside the fray.

A few years out of the presidential spotlight, shoring up credentials has given Hillary Clinton a presumptive lead in the Democratic primary. The time away to build her value may do the same for Carly…if she chooses to toss her hat back into the ring in the next cycle.

This time around, despite strong debate performances, Fiorina just couldn’t seem to keep the press or the voters talking. They chattered hard and fast about her during and just after debates, but that buzz never lasted very long as Carly seemed to fade into the background of the loud, barb-trading GOP frontrunners and long shots.

Some prognosticators are wondering if Carly might be positioning herself for a VP spot as the GOP primary winner sets himself against Clinton as the presumptive DEM candidate. Many say the Veep choice will be a woman, but most are betting on Nikki Haley.

Regardless, Fiorina did herself nothing but favors in this POTUS run. She went from political nobody with an impressive record to newcomer with an established resume. Her campaign is at an end, but it’s really only beginning.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO of Public Relations firm 5WPR.

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