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The best times to engage on social media

Everyone says you are supposed to be ON social media, but that doesn’t really answer the important questions. With 24 hours in a day, when will you get the most response from your new content? We pulled the best research together from multiple different studies to deliver a quick look at the best “whens” to engage on the three top social sites. Facebook The best days to post are Thursday and Friday. Why? Because more than 8 out of 10 posts are published during the Read More +

5 Ways Pinterest can Help a Startup Grow

One of the most beloved social media sites, Pinterest shows no signs of slowing down. Users “pin” items that they like, allowing them to keep boards—private or public—that collect images of their favorite things. By its simple nature, Pinterest is immune to the types of annoyances that tend to crop up with other social media sites. This website is viewed as overwhelmingly positive for the most part, so businesses should take notice. Start-ups especially can benefit from some Pinterest love. One of the most exciting Read More + Read More +

Facebook flouts privacy: No one Cares?

Remember all those fake Facebook privacy notices? Be sure to post this or everyone will have access to all your private content! While those allegations were entirely erroneous, now Facebook has been accused of some actual, substantial privacy violations … and the world seems to have responded with a collective shrug. Read More +

Hostess Nails Viral Marketing

It was a joke all along, and most of the Internet fell for it. Recently, Hostess released a meme on social media celebrating the beginning of baseball season. In the meme, a Hostess cupcake was decorated to look like a baseball. The inscription read: “touchdown.” As expected, social media went nuts. Countless denizens of the web could not resist pointing out that “touchdown” is a football term, not a baseball term. Others argued that it was so obvious the caption had to be a joke. Read More + Read More +

Snapchat Apologizes for apps Snafu

Why is social media darling Snapchat offering a sincere mea culpa? That’s an interesting question, and the CEO of 5WPR says that social media has been and will continue to be a working experiment in instant public relations. One wrong tweet can end a career. One minor fracas on Facebook and you no longer have a job-friend-relationship-you name it. Read More +

The Foundation of a Strong Social Media Campaign

As social media continues to evolve around both our personal and professional lives, it’s even more important than ever for marketers to have a basic knowledge of how it works. Although social media is a dynamic channel that literally changes everyday, the essential core actually stays the same based on two key principles: networking and communication. Working with the fundamental values of social media will help you to adapt to the inevitable changes in the industry as well as help you progress on a professional Read More +

NASA, Orion and the New Age of Space Travel

At NASA, recapturing the magic of the glory days of space exploration means a look that harkens back to the days of Cowboys in Space. Glance at the new Orion craft, well on its way to Mars now, and it’s easy to see echoes of the Apollo craft that took American heroes to the moon a generation ago. Engineers will tell you the choice of a blunt-bottomed, conical capsule will help slow the craft on its descent, protect the craft from massive temperature fluctuations, and Read More +

Ronn Torossian YouTube Updates

Tom Hanks Gives NYC Cab Driver the “Ride of His Life” In the spirit of today’s 24-hour social media news cycle, a Humans of New York post quickly went viral featuring a picture of a cab driver who serendipitously befriended Tom Hanks and ultimately got invited to attend the megastar’s Broadway show. After meeting Hanks in a cab and hitting it off, the driver began coincidentally picking up other passengers that knew the famous actor. After sending his regards to Hanks through mutual acquaintances, the Read More +