5 Ways Pinterest can Help a Startup Grow

One of the most beloved social media sites, Pinterest shows no signs of slowing down. Users “pin” items that they like, allowing them to keep boards—private or public—that collect images of their favorite things. By its simple nature, Pinterest is immune to the types of annoyances that tend to crop up with other social media sites. This website is viewed as overwhelmingly positive for the most part, so businesses should take notice. Start-ups especially can benefit from some Pinterest love. One of the most exciting things about it, especially for budget-minded new businesses, is that it’s absolutely free to start posting on Pinterest.

1. It only takes one pin to get the ball rolling.
Just one pin can lead to a number of re-pins, which can easily snowball. This can be a great way to drive website traffic. In order to get that ball rolling, however, businesses may want to reach out to influencers in their arena. For instance, a cosmetics company would want to reach out to well-known makeup artists who can promote their product if they like it.

2. In the absence of a website, Pinterest can fill in for a bit.
When someone’s working a full-time job and trying to get money together to fully launch a business, funds can be tight. Sometimes a website isn’t in the budget right away. Setting up a Pinterest account can still be a good way to get potential clients buzzing about products.

3. It can help put a start-up on the map, establishing a web presence.
Even if a business is just getting started and doesn’t have the funds to advertise, it will show up on web searches if it has a Pinterest page.

4. It targets consumers specifically.
Users go to Pinterest to find very specific items, which is why it’s so easy for start-ups to see who their potential customers could be. Why pay a market research company to run expensive focus groups when you can use Pinterest to see what demographics of people are drawn to a particular product? And it’s all free!

5. It makes you better informed.
By seeing what potential customers like—and getting more information about what competitors are doing—start-ups can advance more confidently in the direction of their ultimate goals. Also, Pinterest does offer sponsored posts, so start-ups can even use the site to experiment with paid advertising.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO of New York based PR Firm 5WPR. 5W PR has offices in NYC, LA and Denver.