The forms of writing I completed in ENG 2100 were 3 essays; a narrative essay on the first day, an analytical essay based on a picture of our choosing, and a research paper on any topic of our choosing paired with a presentation on said paper. My favorite of the 3 was most likely the analysis essay as choosing any picture we wanted was a fun task as we could choose a picture we had a deep connection with and just go in depth about its features and meaning to us. My goals for this class are to enhance my analysis capabilities, as there is room for improvement even if I did a suitable job, and to get better at managing my work when there are multiple steps to finish. My only problem with last semester was my professor’s lack of urgency and organization, but that has nothing to do with the course. Although based on first impressions, I am looking forward to this course with eagerness as it looks as if things will turn for the better.