This blog is built around the preservation of Asian identity. The United States is a cultural melting pot but as such, is a difficult place to learn culture. As an Asian American, I know next to nothing about my culture, traditions, nor do I keep up with the Chinese newspapers or the events going on in New York’s Asian community.

As a first generation American, I am able to speak Chinese, but that is about the extent of my Asian heritage. There are traditions and customs that my family and I engage in, but the meaning behind those traditions are lost on me. I am not supposed to wash my hair on Chinese New Year, I cannot gift someone a clock or a pair of shoes on any occasion, and when visiting someone else’s house, I must never show up empty handed. These are practices I know well but do not understand.

My goal is to build awareness among non-Asians and examine the generational gap within the Asian community. My personal quest is to learn more about my heritage and culture and share my findings with other young Asian Americans like myself.