Hi, Everyone,

I’m Shanjing Kang, a first year student at Baruch College who is majoring in Actuarial Science. As another new soul in Baruch College with humor, I borned in China and came to America at a very young age, though I am a Chinese Korean, hence I could speak three languages fluently, Korean, Chinese and English. Later in life, I realized I am more interested in math problems and data analysis, so I decided to walk the path of numbers. Baruch is the ocean that could tolerate various types of cultures and ideas. It’s tolerance has given me the opportunities to explore my own path in life. Study is not the only thing that matters under our roof, but about social interactions, emotions and everything. Though, as an undergraduate, study is definitely one of the most important things I should consider which I have been studying from my other interests as well. During my free time, I’d love to play some computer games and travel with my friends and family. 


This website has most of the information about me, about my skills and my interests. There are three categories, resume, blogs which would assist me in future studying and contact information. However, even though I’ve been studying in America for a long time, other cultures that I have interacted with still deeply influence me in my English writing. I hope this blog will be different and interesting to read.