The Value of Community service

I would like to take this opportunity to express the improvement I have made over the past semester. With the project that we had in Freshman seminar we learned about the idea from the club fair. The college fair helped open our minds to the many different organizations that New York has to offer. From little things, to life changing things, there is a cause that is willing to help. InMotion, which is the organization that I chose, helps women who don’t have money gain the legal support that they need. If they don’t have money to afford a lawyer or they are illegal immigrants, they can come to InMotion of help with their issues.

This project helped me connect with some of the teacher and advisors in the school. Before taking upon myself this organization, I had not known how rampant women abuse is. Every day, women from all facets of the City are being abused in unimaginable ways. Even in our own school I found out that abuse is a central problem that is not discussed too often. Many young girls, at the age of 19, are being abused by their partners or their boyfriends. This was an issue that I saw many teachers were bothered with. They felt as if it was an issue that no one tackled.

That is why I am so proud to be a part of this organization. I am excited to address the worries of so many teachers and of the students of Baruch. After working at InMotion, I hope, that together with my group we will bring notice to InMotion. I want to spread the word as much as I can throughout the school. I feel that this organization will make the school a better place and it will ultimately help the entire population at Baruch College.

After connecting with some teachers on this issue I found out how caring the teacher at Baruch are. They care for the well being of every student and they care that every student is happy. I think, this knowledge, will help me form close relationships with many of my teachers that I will be able to use in the future. As well, through this project, I realized how caring and genuine people are. Even if on the exterior people look like they don’t care, deep down in side they do. People who I would not imagine cared of such a problem, actually cared a lot. They felt real sympathy for these women. As a result I realized that community service is an essential part of life. Through community service we can change the lives of many and we can address the problems that so many care about.

In three years I can honestly say that I do not know where I will be. I don’t even know what will happen tomorrow. What I do know is how important community service is and how many people take true concerns with many social issues. I hope these two things will shape who I become over the next three years and I hope I can make a lasting difference with them.

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My goals

As of now I don’t seem to have found my place in baruch. I am not sure what I want to do and what I want to be a part of. But based on my past I hope I will be able to make a decision for my future.

When I was In 12th grade I went to deliver food to people who needed it. This was one of the most gratifying and enjoyable parts of my year. As well I find it an obligation to give back to your community. In a community everyone must do their part to help and therefore I feel that doing this helped my community at large.

Here at Baurch I am hoping to find a similar type of group that I would be able to join. That is why I am thinking of becoming an active member at the Hillel. For me it is the best of both world. I will be able to help the community at Baurch, with people that I know and I will be able to do gratifying work.

But that is not all. In baruch I would like to try and create a school wide project that would be able to unify the entire school with one specific goal. Now this will be a very difficult task, but one that is important.

As an honors student I think I will have a head start on my two goals. We are supposed to be model students and I think that we as honors students can surely make a difference. So at first, I hope to become an active member in the Hillel and then I would like to help the school as a whole.

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When I was in the seventh grade I moved to Brooklyn, New York. I had no friends in this new city and I did not know what to expect. When the first day of school came I was excited to meet new people and learn about my new surrounding. When I walked into the school auditorium I sat with a couple of people who greeted me. I hung out with them the rest of the day until we all played in the gym. I wanted to play with the best kids and so I walked unto the court and simply asked them. They responded with a laugh and I was shocked. I told them to give me the ball and I shot the ball from five feet behind the three point line. Luckily I scored and that shot changed my life. I became best friends with all the kids who I played with that day and I formed life long bonds. All in all, coming to a new city made me become independent and fearless.

Coming to Baruch College was a huge decision for me. I wanted to learn more about the diverse city while being challenged (the free tuition was also a plus). I want to become a business man and I know the strong business education that Baruch can give me will benefit me in any field that I end up going into. The first week has been fun, as I am meeting people from diverse backgrounds and I am working hard. Academically I hope to do well in all of my classes and I will be happy with any grade if I know I tried my best. Overall, I am excited to learn new things here and become a better informed and better educated person.

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