Sociology 1005 – Spring 2009

Tonight’s class — review

Tonight we’ll talk about all the articles, videos, and games we’ve encountered this semester, coming back to the main themes of the class: race, class, gender, technology, and globalization.

Either tonight or Thursday we’ll have a treat from the greenmarket, too.

Reading (watching or gaming!) responses are due on Thursday, May 14th. If you have any problems with this deadline, please email me to talk about it.

On Thursday, I’ll post the questions for the final, which is due on Thursday, May 21st.

3 thoughts on “Tonight’s class — review”

  1. I’ve been holding onto this link for a few weeks and I haven’t really found the right time to post it but class is coming to a close and I just think its very interesting.

    There are a ton of maps and obviously not all of them apply to something we’ve spoken about but many of them are just fun to imagine their real world application and relevancy to things we’ve discussed.

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