Sociology 1005 – Spring 2009

Last reading assignment: Thursday, May 14, 2009

In both class sessions yesterday we spent some time talking about technology and the future, and it occured to me that many of you might enjoy reading this article about how the New York Times is responding to the current changes in journalism and the economy. There is an innovation and research department at the Times, and the work they are doing there really excites me. Please read the article and come in ready to talk (more) about about where you see news and journalism going. I’d like to hear what you think about the changes the Times is making, and whether you think those will help.

It’s been a wonderful semester! I’ll post the final tomorrow afternoon!

2 thoughts on “Last reading assignment: Thursday, May 14, 2009”

  1. That wordtrain idea was pretty neat. I can see that the News and Journalism providers are always finding more and more ways to interact with their viewers.

    I remember watching NY1 on tv one morning and, after a specific story, they asked a certain question and I was able to enter, with my remote control, my answer. I was so amazed that this device I’m so familiar with can now do even more than what was expected. I also know that they try to work with our phones as well, sending us stories we’d want to know and allowing us to give them feedback.

    I keep thinking that we’re at the peak of our technology but it just keeps growing.

  2. This is my last blog of the semester and I am really glad about all the different topics we discussed in class. Today’s discussion was informative and interesting. Definitely, technology is growing every day and the way people get the news is totally different as before. I was surprised knowing that some of the famous newspaper are closing their print out and it will be only offer online. I could say that life is becoming every more rapid and people have less time to have a sit with a couple of coffee and read the newspaper. I usually see people on the train or bus reading the news and that definitely tells me that they do not have enough time to read it at home and that life is more complex everyday.
    Thank you professor for all your support during this semester, I really learned a lot of important socially information and I enjoyed this class.

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