Assignment #1

Personal Statement

-Tiffany Lin

Writing is not the best subject for me and I don’t like reading, so English courses are a little bit of a challenge for me. When it comes to things I am not good at, I would always try my best but it always turns out different from what I expected. Last semester in English 2100, I had a good experience with writing because the professor is very patient and lenient with the writing works. She would give helpful suggestions on the drafts of the papers and that was something that made my writing experience simpler than expected.

In that class, I wrote poems, analytical essays, and compare contrast essays. I enjoyed writing the poem because it was open and had more choices to work off. I am most anxious about grammar and wording when it comes to writing because my grammar is average, and I suck at expressing myself with the right words. My goal in this class is to improve my writing skills, especially grammar and vocabulary. Grammar is important in general, and vocabulary is to better express myself.