Assignment #13

Assignment 3 Abstract Questions

What is your research question/rhetorical situation? 

To what extent do individual personalities influence morally ethic decision-making processes across various contexts? 

What is your connection to rhetorical situation and why are you uniquely placed to write about it? 

My connection to rhetorical situation is that I realized on my way of being more independent is that our parents are like our teachers. We would normally learn a lot from them as we grow. Their habits would turn into our habits. Their morals might also turn into our morals. As I think about it, I come to realize that I am a lot like my mom. We have a lot of the same habits, and my personality is somewhat like hers. How close we are does not affect how much we can be like. My sister is closer to my mom, but she is more like my dad; and I am evenly close to any of them, but I am more like my mom. I am writing about it because this brought me to realize that a lot of the decisions I’ve made were affected by my morals and ethics. And, I want to get to know more about it. 

Where do you imagine your writing “existing”? (newspaper, magazine, youtube, personal blog) 

I imagine my writing “existing” on a personal blog. It can be a blog on daily behavior to show personality and a blog on times of making important decisions to see the relationship between them. 

Who is your target audience? 

My target audience would be anyone interested in the relationship between individual personalities and the morally ethic decision-making processes. 

What form will your writing take? (Research paper, narrative, letter, script.) 

My writing will most likely take the form of a narrative or research paper. 

Why is this form the most effective way to communicate to your target audience? 

A narrative would be an effective way to communicate to my target audience because I can use my own experience to show them the influence. A research paper would be an effective way to communicate to my target audience because I can use facts and experiments from researchers to show the influence. 

What is the value you’re trying to impart on your audience? 

The value I am trying to impart on my audience is a deeper understanding of the influence of individual personalities on moral and ethical decision-making processes. 

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