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Nov 04 2011

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Baruch Scholar’s Role

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As Baruch Scholars, we are given many privileges that other students do not have. We have an awesome peer mentor, Maria; a caring advisor, Mr. Medina; along with various other things. However, I feel that we should give back to the community. We are given so many and it is only right that we do something in return. In philosophy class, we discussed consequentialism, where we should do we everything we can to improve the lives of others. Although the theory is a little extreme, I think that if we follow it, we would be on the right track to doing our part as Scholars. We should also become active members in the Baruch community, such as joining the various clubs and teams that we have.

The honors program requires us to do a certain amount of volunteer hours per year. Giving back to the community is something that the program has been promoting for a long time. However, I feel that we can do more than just the bare minimum of 15 hours, in our case, 8 hours per year. We should always give a helping hand to those in need. We must keep in mind that not everyone has the same privileges we do, and we should feel blessed to have this opportunity. Therefore, giving back to the community by volunteering and being active in the college, such as joining clubs and teams, should be what our role as Baruch Scholars is.

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