Free Academy building.
Free Academy
(Baruch College Archives)

“Subway University : Traveling to the Free Academy, Baruch and City College” is a sampling of the exhibit “Subway University: Making Tracks to City,” which was mounted at the City College Library during November and December 1998. Curated by Professor Barbara Dunlap, it tells the story of the close ties that New York’s public transportation system had with the Free Academy on 23rd and Lexington Avenue, current site of Baruch College. From 1847 until the turn of the century, students negotiated their trip to college using a variety of transport vehicles. By the time City College moved its main campus uptown, the new subway system was expanding and provided a speedy and inexpensive trip to and from the college.

A version of “Subway University”, adapted by Prof. Sandra Roff, was on loan to Newman Library, Baruch College, for the Spring 2000 semester. Images in this exhibit were used by permission.

Special thanks to the City College Chief Librarian Pamela Gillespie.