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Host Intro – With world slowly starting to boot back up, companies and small businesses are starting to call their workers back as the Covid-19 virus starts to mellow down. However, with all the guidelines provided to take safety precautions, certain group of people may still be varying about returning to work due them having a compromised immune system. Rupinder, who is immune compromised shares her thoughts about going back to work.

AMBI – Air conditioner running and Rupinder’s sister occasionally walking by in her living room

TRACK – Rupinder has been diagnosed with lupus for 7 years now and never had to worry about going to work up until the Covid-19 pandemic.

ACT – In 2013 I was diagnosed with Lupus and that’s what makes my immune system compromised. Also, with the medication that we use to treat my lupus it really compromises your entire immune system.

TRACK – Rupinder still must be super cautious about being in public and especially at her job with having to take care of the kids at the daycare and interacting with parents.

ACT –  umm… lupus is an auto immune disease in which your immune system mistakenly attacks all the healthy cells in your body and its potential can damage your entire body and there is no known cure for it so it’s really healthy habits that you need to do to stay healthy.

TRACK – Even with proper guidelines, Rupinder and many like her still find it hard to feel safe because she has to been in contact with the kids and you wont know if a child may be carrying the virus or a parent because no temperature checks are required except for word of mouth.

ACT – When the state announces that we all need to go into quarantine we switch to remote learning. Even though the State has provided mandatory guidelines for each daycare to follow and not all the daycares are following them to exact measures. As in for my daycare you know we are told to ask the parents for the child’s temperature instead of taking it before they come in or if they came in contact with somebody who has COVID-19 so there’s really no way of knowing if the parent is asymptomatic or if they are carrying anything because there is no testing required for anyone to come back.

TRACK – Having to resort taking a medical leave to prioritize her health, many may not be fortunate enough to do so because they need to keep a roof over their heads. People with compromised immune system face a lack of job security and are at high risk to be exposed to the virus still.

ACT – Yes I think it’s a big disadvantage for someone who has a compromised immune system and uhmm you know someone who is really vulnerable to covid-19 to go back to work as I had to a medical leave because I was in a position where I really had to decide do I want work or is it okay to put myself at a high risk like that so it was tough decision I had to make but you know health is wealth. Also, I know many people who have lost their jobs because they just simply cannot return to work, even with the guidelines, it still puts them at a very high risk of being around people. Especially when not everyone around is wearing a mask or covering their face or taking safety precautions.

TRACK – With the lack of safety for immune compromised people, going back to work is not going to be easy. Many will be at risk and as of right now there aren’t any solutions or benefits available that would help protect their jobs or alternatives that some companies can’t offer to help them keep their jobs. For Baruch college, this Navpreet Singh in Queens, New York.

Photo journalism pitch

My plan is to capture how different members of our city and local businesses are adapting or have adapted their lifestyle  during covid-19.

– how an essential workers adapted during the pandemic

– how newly returning workers And their tactics for remaining safe

– how a business such as a dealership functioning on the inside

– how public parks are maintaining social distance.

my goal is to capture the new norm and bringing together what the future may hold for us.