Photo Essay Pitch

My photo essay pitch is a character-driven human interest story.  I would like to tell a story using images the new norm for students learning at home.  I am thinking of creating a kind of a photo journal essay of my 11-year old nephew, Jake, who is super active and super social, but due to the circumstances of the pandemic, his life has changed completely.  Although I cannot access many students at this time, I feel capturing a very normal middle-school student and how his life has changed upside down would be reflective of other children his age.  Some of the moments I would like to capture are: Zooming in for classes on a makeshift desk set up on the deck (for summer classes and other activities that would normally be done in person), his mom cutting his hair in the bathroom, Jake playing basketball by himself (whereas before he used to play with the other children in the neighborhood), fishing by himself at a lake in the neighborhood, baking in the kitchen with his mom (new hobby), he and his father sitting side-by-side watching TV together on a weekday afternoon (one of the silver linings to this pandemic being family time), etc.  I’ll try to make it interesting by taking some regular shots, wide-angle shots and some close-ups for personal shots.