Build/Measure/Learn & Secondary Research Plan

I. Build, Measure, Learn:

1.     Picture/Photo/drawing of your prototype incl. short description

a community garden hub where we can coordinate plans and execute ideas. 

2.     Prototyping & Testing Feedback

a.     Briefly describe your users, where did you find them, who are they?

Community garden manager- sahara

b.     Briefly describe here the feedback you received from your users. What did you learn? (ca. 5-6 sentences)

Sahara describes how many community garden managers need a lot of help but have no where to reach out. And even when they do have somewhere, which is usually a government entity, it takes weeks to hear back. She explained how if community garden managers and owners could communicate better directly, there could be a lot more collaboration and grassroots type help for each other. The networking aspect of having a garden is key to its success. The face that many new yorkers dont even know the closest garden to them is insane. I think a hub will definitely be useful to us.

3.     Taken together: what did you learn overall? What is the common denominator across your users’ feedback and comments? Do you see a pattern? Did they give you ideas what to improve – and how? [Note: you can learn a lot from failure – so consider this an important learning for next steps!] (ca. 5 sentences)

They are all very interested in gardening. I want to find someone who maybe is just a part of the community and see what they think. I think im often hearing what i want to hear because ive narrowed my audience to that. I have to reach out to every type of person in the community. 

4.     What will you change in your idea? (ca. 3-4 sentences and feel free to draw it!):

I want to focus on just the city. Eventually I will branch out to more local farms, or if the opportunity comes along. But i think a place where gardeners can come and see where they can build is very important. 

II. Secondary Research Plan:

5.     Where do you plan to obtain data that will inform you about the above-mentioned questions? Name 5-10 different secondary sources that you will research.

Community centers

I want to interview a few local community members in the area i choose

City law sites for obtaining a garden

A community garden owner

Real estate broker

6.     Why are these sources suitable – What are your evaluation criteria for choosing these sources? (please write 3-4 sentences)

Being  that i need to obtain a space, i need to learn more about how to go about that process. It is important that i learn the legal side of the real estate process. How to go about obtaining a garden space or a lot. I know new york has a lot of little peculiarities around its real estate so i want to establish something that will last.

7.     How will you obtain the data/ conduct the secondary research and when/ what days in the following week? (please write 2-3 sentences)

I need to go out in the field and talk to more people, everyday community members to see how they would get involved in community organizing as such. Expand my network within the gardening community. And talk to my parents who are real estate brokers and investors to see what connections they have.

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