Themes in American History: Capitalism, Slavery, Democracy

Blog post #4

In the reading of chapter 4 “Reflation and Relief” by Rauchway explains how the economic affairs affected the U.S so the Great Depression came back from being manipulated a couple of times.Frank Delano Roosevelt is the thirty-second president of the United States and he was a good and bad president. The reason why he was a good president was because he has helped many unemployed workers to have jobs again since banks,farms,factories and trade had all failed. In the reading, it says “Frank Delano Roosevelt took the oath of office as a president for the first time on March 4, 1933, every moving part in the machinery of the American economy had evidently broken .” Page 1. Since Roosevelt would give less attention to economic affairs but would try to fix finance, agricultural, and manufacturing, he wouldn’t get anything specific out of it. Since everything was about money, Roosevelt had discretion and manipulated banks for money. “The new deal government frankly and fully entered the business of hiring the American people to end the Great Depression” page 7. This gave Americans hope to get a job instead of unemployed. Another reason how Roosevelt was a good president was because “Roosevelt meant WPA to hire as many people as quickly as possible to reduce unemployment as much as possible” page 7. This quote explains how he wanted many unemployed people to quickly start working again since many people didn’t have money for their families. But at the same time he would take away their jobs to convert new things for money. A lot of people say the things that Roosevelt has done was the worst because even though he was president, he had so much power which he abused political power. Overall Roosevelt has accomplished and hasn’t accomplished many things throughout the Great Depression.