Themes in American History: Capitalism, Slavery, Democracy


In the reading of the Joshua Brown reading he talks about the living conditions/lifestyle of people during the reconstruction era. In this article he showed a negative perspective on the Irish immigrants. He claimed that the Irish were alcoholic, ignorant and they were sloths. American white families feared that immigrants would come over and take over their jobs. Unlike Americans immigrants would take any job no matter how little pay they receive. This triggered white Americans and article can be an example of it. Immigrants were already facing enough coming to a new country and finding jobs but they were receiving hate from”Americans.” Although this isn’t a surprise to me because 100 year later immigrants who come to the United states still receive hate it was interesting to learn the hate people had towards Irish immigrants.

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  1. It sounds a bit like you are confusing Brown’s points/arguments with those of the anti-immigrant nativist or middle-class journalists he is explaining here. Regardless, given that this chapter describes how immigrants, workers, and other groups were depicted in the illustrated newspapers of the period, how does he say these visual representations helped to reinforce or challenge negative ideas about immigrants, striking workers, or others?

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