Blog #2

What the podcast called “The Influence You Have” was discussing about is that people feel like they don’t stand a chance of standing up for themselves and show that they mean something, when in reality they have chance, but are afraid to show it because what power other people who they are following have. In the poem called “Enemies” by Wendell Berry, what he is trying to say is that anyone has the freedom to do whatever they desire to do. However, Berry also says that even when people have freedom, they shouldn’t abuse it s because it would cause problems for others wanting to seek their own desires. The way the podcast argues on how the impact people give others is by explaining stories that happened that explains their argument. For example, when there was an experiment going on, others disapprove of it which led to protests on wanting a safe experiment. Another example from the podcast on how people impact others is that a person wants ask people to do something for her that will help their job. The person wasn’t confident at first, but once the person tried doing it her own way by gently and politely asking them, it worked out pretty well and people were motivated by the person in a positive way to do what they were told.

There was a time in my life were I was afraid to help people with what they want because I wasn’t confident enough if I could do it and I didn’t know what they will think of me. However, that all changed when I saw a video in high school on the importance speaking up in which people should try help others no matter what the circumstances are, and no matter what others think. What is important that people should try to help because it would lead something great like an achievement. I was inspired by that video and I feel more confident helping others as much as I can.