News Roundup – Week of May 15

Hello Asian America! This past week was packed with entertainment news, mostly surrounding Hollywood and #Yellowface. Asian America, to find out more about what happened, explore the links below!


Will Hillary Clinton’s Pandering to Asians Go Beyond Drinking Bubble Tea? [US News]

Undocumented Asian American Students Finally Get Access to Grants and Loans [Diverse]


Daniel Dae Kim in ‘The King and I’: Broadway Royalty [The Morning Call]

Where Are the Asian-American Movie Stars? [Hollywood Reporter]

Randall Park on Being an Asian American in the Comedy World [NBC News]

Culture Report

Chinatown’s Poorest Live In The Shadow Of Luxury [WGBH News]

Struggles in Oakland Chinatown [8Asians]

Social Justice

Asian Americans in Theater Speak Out with #MyYellowFaceStory [NBC News]

South Asian Community Demands Change of “India” Terminology in Textbooks [NBC News]

‘Awoken’ By N.Y. Cop Shooting, Asian-American Activists Chart Way Forward [NPR]

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