JARRI ZAIDI | jarri.zaidi@baruchmail.cuny.edu | (516) 554-4055

Hello , Welcome to my personal website. I’m a passionate business student at Baruch College with aspirations in content creation and the fashion industry. This platform serves as a canvas for authenticity, showcasing the genuine essence of who I am, and how I work.

Each piece is a reflection of my unique perspective, shaped by my experiences and the diverse influences that have curated me as an individual. This website is more than just a portfolio; it’s a gateway to new opportunities and connections. By sharing my work with the world, I aim to branch out and engage with like-minded individuals, prioritizing collaborations and networking opportunities that can take my endeavors to new heights.

As you look into the content showcased here, you’ll gain insights into my creative process, personal growth, and the values that drive me.