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Take Advantage

When doing community service others rely onĀ  me to get what they need. For example, when teaching kids with disabilities, they depend on me to help them do the activities that they can’t do on their own. Even when delivering food, the poor rely on me to get them the food they need and deliver it to them.They rely on my support the same way I rely on the support of others.

Baruch College offers a variety of resources like support centers and more specifically tutoring. I have visited the math tutoring center and I frequently use the writing center. It is a great asset and I have come to rely on the writing center for editing and restructuring various assignments. Doing community service has given me the understanding that it is OK to use the support of others and we should take full advantage in doing so.

I used to believe that doing community service is a nice thing to do and not something that you have to do. In attending Baruch College and working on a community service project, I understand that it is my responsibility to go out and give back to my community and the society that I live in. I now understand that I need to help others, because I may need that help as well. It creates a cycle where by helping others, others are able to help us in return. Therefore, if it wasn’t for community service the needy wouldn’t receive their food and I wouldn’t receive the help that I need.