Brief History on The War

July 14, 1969: As President Nixon began to hear of the rampant drug use by soldiers in Vietnam; he stated that drug abuse is a […]

Candidates on The War

In order to answer our question on why the war on drugs was not a prominent aspect of the 2012 Presidential Election, we first must […]

Racial Disparities

Living in New York City, the ground level efforts of the War on Drugs; strikes close to home. Policies such as the NYPDS, “stop and […]

The home of the brave and land of the free, is no longer a truthful mantra for the United States. We are incarcerating more people […]

Cost of War

Monetary Cost $1,000,000,000,000. One trillion dollars. Ever since President Richard Nixon started the war on drugs in 1971, over one trillion dollars have been spent […]

Reading the Silences

The war on drugs was immediately dubbed as a problem the silent majority cared deeply about by Nixon. In the past election both candidates seemed […]

Current States

Does the majority of the public care about The War on Drugs? A main reason the “War on Drugs” has been absent from the 2012 […]

Future for The War on Drugs?

The longest and most silence war in American History, The War On Drugs. Public enemy #1, but its really our #1 enemy, when drug use […]