Record Number of Baruch Students Present at International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)

Witch hunts, fruit flies, and the New York Aquarium are among the intriguing topics Baruch students will discuss when they participate in the 8th Annual International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR), Sept. 27-29. This conference is free and open to the public to attend through the ICUR App, which features the full schedule of panels taking place at 15 universities in 12 countries, all coordinated by Monash University in Australia and the University of Warwick in the UK.

The schedule of Baruch presenters is here.

Baruch’s 28 participants come from all three Baruch schools and many different fields, but more than half are Weissman students, including history, political science, psychology, and biology majors. They’ll be on panels linked in real time with undergraduates at universities in England, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, and France, all presenting their own research. WSAS History Professor Katherine Pence is coordinating Baruch’s participation in the conference, which is supported by Baruch’s Office of the Provost. You can attend on Zoom and participate in questions and answers with the panelists by registering on the ICUR App through the website  and available free from the Apple store. Follow the conference on social media at @icurstudents and #icur2021.

poster advertising Baruch student participation in a research conference
International Conference of Undergraduate Research poster

Here’s a sample of WSAS presentation titles, along with student presenters’ names and majors.

  • “Kodak Advertisement and Formation of the Modern Woman” (Aleksandr Sigalus, History)
  • “A ‘Practical’ Curriculum: Embroidery and the Education of Chinese Girls in Protestant Missionary Schools in China, 1860 – 1920” (Ingrid Gendler, Political Science/Communication Studies)
  • “A Gendered Revolution: The American Revolution and Its Effects on Women’s Gender Roles” (Edward Stehr, History)
  • “How the New York Aquarium redefined marine attractions and tourism and contributed to New York City’s appeal as a city of science” (Sadat Tashin, History)
  • “The Social Contract Theory in the Face of Empirical Morality: Integration and Its Consequences” (Margaux Ramee, Political Science)
  • “Neo-Extracting Gilded Welfare States: A Comparative Study of Extractivism and Latin American Welfare State Formation” (Pabvitraa Ramcharan, Political Science)
  • “The Witch Hunt in Scotland during the 16th-17th Century” (Fatou Diop, Political Science)
  • “Annotation of D. Ananassae Muller D Element Contig 23: Analyzing Fruit Fly Chromosomes” (Angela Ng, Biological Sciences)
  • “Secondary Control and Depression In Adulthood: The Role of Age and Gender” (Daniel Mesa, Psychology)
  • “Healthy Hands: The Ultimate Eczema Glove” (Andrew Elvir, Biological Sciences)

For more information on ICUR, see this video:  For a schedule featuring Baruch participants see:


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