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Journal #3 – Next Steps…

I can honestly say that in the past, community service to me was just something I did because I had to. After doing research on this on this community service project, however, my perspective definitely has changed. It is no longer something I do to just get it over with. The organization my group chose is called Solar One. It is an organization concentrated on educating everyone about a greener way of life. At first, it did seem a bit boring and bland to me, but as I read more and more about this organization, the more I was hooked. There is more to them than planting a bunch of trees in the park. They host events that are extremely cultural and they’re even solar-powered! They also have education programs specifically targeted at different age groups in order to get ever aware of what is going on in the environment. In order to find this amazing and fun organization to volunteer for, my group and I utilized the skills we learned during our library freshman seminar class.  When first assigned this project, my group was so confused what to do, we all had different ideas and finally after searching for a couple, we came across this one that everyone agreed upon. During my 3 months in College, I have checked out a couple of clubs, most of them sororities. Going to check them out definitely has also helped me with community service, because for all of the sororities, community service is one of their pillars. Almost every other weekend they go out and volunteer at some event and I had participated in some including the Susan G. Komen Race for the cure. The resources given to me at Baruch helps so much and coming into this school I never thought I would get anything like it.

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Journal #2 – What does it mean to serve your community?

Baruch students are usually not your typical teenage movie college student. We don’t have the campus, the house parties, the professors that live within walking distance from us. When I first came to Baruch, it was hard to socialize and to make friends. It really did feel like high school all over again but with a ton of more people. However, I have been a college student for a little over 2 months and the experiences I have gone through are priceless. As a Baruch Scholar, I feel that my role is to use all the benefits given to me and to use them as best as I can. I also represent the college as a whole. When you say Baruch College, people just think that it’s some second or third tier college that can’t compete with the Ivy Leagues. Oh man are they wrong. When people told me college was going to be easy, especially Baruch, they were definitely lying to me. The classes here are hard, the workload is a lot and there are enough hardworking and determined people here just like there are in the Ivy Leagues. Being a scholar, I have to prove to others that Baruch does “have game” and we get everything for free (which is always a plus)! Baruch College offers so many services heres, from the many clubs, to the different Greek organizations, the cheap movie tickets, to just about everything you can possibly think of. I am definitely taking advantage in a lot of them and it’s helped me make so many new friends that I will keep for the rest of my life.

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