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Journal #3

Upon researching for the Community Service Project, I started with Baruch Library database. I did not know how much I could find on the library database until the librarian introduced it in one of the Freshman Seminar sessions. I found the information very helpful and I have been using it for other classes since. For the project, I did not know where to start at first but the search engine allowed me to narrow down my choices. Eventually I realized that I would like to do something with children. Although we picked an organization that some members were more familiar with, I was able to identify my stand because of the resources in the library.

I have also utilized the writing center through e-tutoring. I sent them my drafts through e-mail and they have been great helpers. I was able to fix the grammatical errors, which actually brought my grades up. I also joined a club called Chinese Christian Fellowship. CCF allows me to learn more about the school. They always answer my questions regarding the school, especially things that I wouldn’t have known like the copy machines in the library. CCF is not only my network outside of my LC, it is also the bridge between the larger school community and me. CCF emphasizes on reaching out to other people who have needs. This is becoming my motto for helping the society.  Besides the organization that I will be helping in Spring (Adelphi Academy), I am also interested in an organization called Samaritan’s Purse. It is a Christian relief organization. One of their services has been “Operation Christmas Child,” where they ask people to donate shoeboxes full with presents for the children in third world country.  They also give physical aids to countries that suffer from war, diseases, and other disasters. I have learned to recognize more of others’ needs than my own because I know I was given a lot already.

The resources in Baruch College allow me to excel, so much more than I could in high school. I have been doing better since discovering supporting centers like writing center. I am sure I can discover more in this college as I proceed to my second semester. I also understand more about the responsbility as a student through this Community Service Project. Our group is going to help lower grades students and prospective college students. We hope we can guide these students to take on the path to become future leaders and give back to the community.

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