Are you emotionally empty? Fill your emotional needs.

List of Positive Human Emotions – GO OUT AND EXPERIENCE THEM GUYS!!!!

Natural Emotional Need to Feel:




Adequate Awe Assured Able
Capable Certain Charmed Cheerful
Comfortable Compassion Courageous Confidence
Determined Delighted Eager Energetic
Enthusiastic Excited Exhilarated Expectant
Elation Empathy Excellent Fascinated
Glad Good Great Grateful
Glorious Glamorous Graceful Happy
Hopeful Humorous Inspired Interested
Joyful Magnificent Lust Love
Pleasure Playfulness Peaceful Pleasant
Powerful Pride Positive Relaxed
Relieved Satisfied Surprised Sympathy
Stable Sublime Superior Thrilled

MOM and DAD in Grad School

Comments from the mothers and fathers? Anyone?

Do you think being a mom or dad add a different type of stress and difficulties to coping with Grad school?

Or is it just like having a really demanding career? I assume it’s more complicated .. please feel free to elaborate.

If so, what can Baruch do to help you, if anything?

PS: Working Moms may be interested in the following Blogs posted in home page.

DAYCARE at Baruch? Awesome!!!

Here are 3 good reasons why Baruch should have a Daycare Center.

  1. On-campus daycare for employees allows BC to attract a more diverse work force. AND the faculty and staff who work at the college may  want to enroll their children in the daycare. Extra income for Baruch College. 🙂
  2. Providing daycare for college students provides a valuable community service. And this can be included in Tuition for these students who wish to opt in. 🙂
  3. It would also stimulate the young children minds. Good role model example of parents attending college. 🙂

Please vote by writing “Ay!” in the comment box below, if you think having a Daycare center at Baruch would be a good idea.

Thought of one more reason? Please feel free to add!!!

Balancing School and Work- Some practical ideas…

Some practical advice  … don’t learn them the hard way like I did 🙁

  • Keep work and school separate.
  • Have a calendar. Write things down.
  • PLAN! PLAN! PLAN! Work smarter, not harder!
  • Check for updates on school/ class websites (BLACKBOARD- Whenever it’s working 🙁
  • Make new friends. Great networking opportunity. Your future business partner may be sitting next to or across from you.
  • Communicate to your employer, friends, families, partners, and clients of your new schedule and commitment.


  • For that final test you have coming up,  it’s OK to ask for a day off from work or to leave early if necessary. Think about it, its’ just a personal day but a louzy grade lasts forever.
  • Your blackberry may be your best friend during the semester but its OK. Your true friends will wait for you.
  • Live sometimes!! It’s okay to go wine tasting, go to dinner with friends, have a movie night, or just be lazy and stay in bed for a day. It will help you to manage the stress.
  • Remember why you are pursuing your Graduate degree  and DO NOT GIVE UP!!!
  • Keep your eyes on the prize.

Any more practical advice you think will help make the balance between “Grad school and everything else” a little more manageable?


The Financial burden of tuition

This is a significant issue for Grad’s students, specially because more than 90% of us do not receive financial aid from the government, except in the form of new debt.

Some of us barely save enough money every semester to pay for tuition, but every semester you have to think about the rising cost of next semester tuition.ARGHHH 🙁

HOPE? Yes HOPE!! See attached video link for Obama’s promise… At least it sounds promising.

Additional Link: Obama’s  plan for $4,000 tuition grant.

Emotion and Motivation – Your key to success

Often times, successful people are those who know how to control their emotions and use it to their benefit. Some of the best CEO, CCO, HR Director or Managers are those who are able to stay calm in the midst of a crisis.

Many times the action that we chose to we take or not take are due to our emotions. “Choosing actions based on emotions we want to experience and those we want to avoid”.

Learn to Control your emotions– See next post ….

“Master the skills of controlling emotions”- Can you really?

I was scanning through the website ” ” and I found these tips on how to control your emotion in any situation.

So here it is in a nutshell, a step by step process of controlling emotions in any situation.

1. When something happens and brings a surge of unwanted emotion to you, immediately do something bizarre and break your state. Get the first attack. Be an unrelated observer of the scene and keep yourself in that disassociated state.

2. Watch what is happening from a 3rd party observer perspective and get curious about what is going on. What happened? What are you feeling?

3. Continue to probe further while still being disassociated and observing from afar. Why is she feeling that? What does she want instead?

4. Finally objectively come up with a response or solution to what happened.

Try it out guys, let me know if it works.

Feel free to comment on what you think of this process prior to testing it, or if you’ve use a process similar to this one.